St. Joseph may be looking north for future expansion | Politics

ST. JOSEPH — The St. Joseph Village Board will vote next week on whether to approve a study to determine the potential for the city to grow north.

Mayor Tammy Fruhling-Voges said the board is likely to put measures to approve engineering research on the potential for future expansion on its agenda.

“It’s been discussed for years,” said Fruhling-Voges. “But no one has done any research on the feasibility of having such a project.”

The northern area of ​​the town around the elevated Interstate 74 seems to be the most likely option for possible expansion.

Fruhling-Voges said village officials want the Champaign County community to expand in both residential and commercial areas. The East, West, and South options don’t seem to offer that much benefit and are unlikely to occur.

“We’ve always talked about the North because of the interstate highways and the potential for commercial growth,” she said. “It may cost a little more, but it’s more desirable for interstate transportation.”

The area east of the town is open farmland and may be available at some point if the owner decides to develop it.

“In the south, over time, there is a possibility,” said Fruhling-Voges. “But current real estate owners aren’t interested in doing anything there, and part of the land is owned by the church. Trust.

“There is a (Saltfolk) river on the west side. It does not completely prevent you from going west. To expand services such as sewerage, you” need to be bored under the river. “

Fruhling-Voges said he believes in exploring as many potential benefits as possible.

“If you open the door to all the options, it may put the village in a better position for more possibilities,” she said. “I don’t like being cornered by something. For taxpayers and villages … I think it’s good to see everything and the big picture.

“If the survey doesn’t cost an exorbitant amount, I think it’s valuable information whether it’s two, five, or ten years after the road the village needs.”

Northward expansion seems to be a logical choice at this time, as interstate highways provide visibility and traffic. Fruhling-Voges said there is potential for additional commercial development just south of the interstate.

St. Joseph may be looking north for future expansion | Politics

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