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Happy Thanksgiving: No American holiday is as closely related to sports as Thanksgiving.

When I think of Thanksgiving, I can think of the smell of roasted turkey and pumpkin pie … with the sound of soccer in the background. At least that was my family’s way.

Demographics have changed a bit over the last 50 years, but when I was a kid, my mother, grandmother, and aunt gathered in the kitchen to mash potatoes, whipped cream on pumpkin pies, and watch over the charred dinner rolls. I did. In the oven.

Meanwhile, men flocked around the television and used to watch soccer on a small, grainy black-and-white screen. The Detroit Lions played all Thanksgiving. And since there were only a handful of games aired weekly, it didn’t matter who they played.

I’m not saying there was anything fair about this division, it was exactly.

Eventually, Grandma will declare that dinner is ready. Men will reluctantly get up from their chairs and enter the dining room. Real football fans stagger after a few minutes and stink from many of their families. Because no one bites until everyone is seated and chanting elegance.

People are also reading …

Traditions have changed a bit over the past few decades as families have become more fragmented, but many families are unable to separate football from turkey at Thanksgiving.

Everyone Happy Thanksgiving!

Tough road: Southern Illinois University football teams face impressive challenges in the Football Championship Subdivision Playoffs.

A month ago, Saluki seemed to lock one of the top seeds after the season.

SIU had just defeated North Dakota 6-1 on October 16th. Saluki still had to face North Iowa and Missouri, but Indiana and Youngstown were the last two games of the season. In addition, two of the last three games were at home.

According to the prophecies of the time, Saluki would hold the serve at home and win in Indiana. That scenario would have resulted in a high seed and a first round buy.

Yeah … it didn’t happen.

Saluki lost three of the final fours and won in Indiana.

Sure, SIU is in the field, but will travel to South Dakota for the first round of the game. If Saluki wins, the trip to the Fargo Dome is offshore.

SIU was in a difficult situation, but it gave us a chance.

Dream plan: Post Thanksgiving Feast If football isn’t your entertainment idea, it’s a good idea to go to a local theater and catch “King Richard”.

The film, starring Will Smith as Richard Williams, tells the story of Venus and Serena Williams climbing to the top of the tennis world, despite obstacles in front of them.

Tennis was a sport of lily white at that time. The Williams family had no financial resources. They couldn’t afford the best equipment and had only a public court as a practice facility.

Sure, this is a Hollywood movie, not a documentary. However, the film clearly depicts the difficult struggle faced by Sister Williams.

How interesting was the movie?

It was 2 hours and 25 minutes. It was about 30 minutes. It’s a good movie.

LES WINKELER is a former sports editor of The Southern Illinoisan.Contact him at, Twitter @ Les Winkeler.

Sports Column | Les Winkeler: Unconscious Flow from the World of Sports | Sports

Source link Sports Column | Les Winkeler: Unconscious Flow from the World of Sports | Sports

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