Spain offers a position as an Afghan hub in cooperation with the EU.Afghanistan

Spain has been working with the agency for many years, as Germany said there was a new consensus within the block to facilitate the passage of a limited number of other people in need of protection from the Taliban. The Taliban provided a position as an EU hub for accepting Afghans.

However, immigration experts say that the majority of Afghan citizens Brought power to the new administration Unless European countries are actively working to negotiate a safe corridor abroad, they will remain stuck.

Western countries in Afghanistan Scramble to evacuate their citizens and local Afghan staff middle Chaotic scene at Kabul Airport After being caught on his hind legs to take over the Taliban after the withdrawal of the US military.

In addition to individual state evacuation efforts, the first flight of EU Afghan refugees organized by EU foreign services arrived on Thursday at Torrejon Air Base in Madrid with 36 people on board.

“Spain is a port of entry. Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares will host them for a few days on Friday and distribute them to various EU countries from there,” he said.

According to Spanish authorities, the first 36 will eventually settle in Denmark, Germany, Poland and Lithuania.

Hundreds of Afghans fled the country on commercial flights in the two days before the Taliban entered Kabul.

UNHCR, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, says that at least 120,000 Afghans have fled rural areas to Kabul since the beginning of the year, but the majority remain trapped within the border. ..

“Currently, we do not see a large outflow of refugees. Afghanistan“The spokesman told the Guardian.

Immigration experts have a recent memory of the 2015 Syrian refugee crisis Europe It fails to manage it, preventing European states from coming up with aggressive rescue plans.

Gerald Naus, co-founder of the European Stability Initiative (ESI) think tank, said: ..

“In 2021, the state manages its borders with power and brutality in ways it didn’t have in 2015,” he said. Turkey is strengthening its border with Iran, while Pakistan is trying to complete a fence along its border with Afghanistan.

Afghan refugees “do not just arrive voluntarily,” Naus said, while the main route to Europe was blocked. Instead, he was inspired by the relief efforts of those who fled Vietnam after the end of the 1975 war, and the Taliban about safe corridors and resettlement programs that Afghan people crave to leave the country. Prompted the voluntary state to negotiate with.

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said Thursday that members of “especially protected” Afghan society, such as journalists and human rights activists, would not have to apply for asylum to go to Germany in the future, but would be treated equally. Said it would be. It will be sent to the local staff of the German government agency and a three-year residence permit will be issued.

After a conference call with the EU Interior Minister on Thursday, Seehofer said he was confident that “all major countries” had agreed on the need to facilitate the passage of particularly vulnerable people.

But he refused to identify the number of people who could hope to be given such a special position, simply saying, “I’m not looking at numbers that upset immigration policy.” ..

In contrast, Britain said it specifically accepts 20,000 Afghans “threatening by the current crisis,” especially women, girls and religious minorities.

The majority of refugees will need to evacuate to neighboring countries in Afghanistan, Seehofer said: “The top priority is accommodation in neighboring countries and national support in the region.”

His comments reflect concerns about the reappearance of the 2015 refugee influx expressed by several European governments this week.

In Austria, which hosts the world’s fourth-largest Afghan diaspora community after Pakistan, Iran and Germany, the government said the Taliban takeover would not be a reason to accept more Afghan refugees in the future.

“Illegal immigrants passing through dozens of safe states where migrants choose their destination must be stopped,” said Interior Minister Karl Nehammer. “There is no reason for Afghan citizens to come to Austria now.”

Switzerland, which protects about 14,500 Afghan refugees, has also shown that it is not ready to accept more than 230 local Afghan staff and their families.

Greece, which was at the forefront of the immigration crisis in 2015, said it did not want to be a gateway to the EU for Afghan people fleeing intensifying conflict and said it needed a common EU response.

French President Emmanuel Macron said in a television speech that he had an obligation to help those threatened by the Taliban takeover, but said that “Europe alone cannot predict the consequences of the current situation.” rice field.

Armin Laschet, the leader of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and one of the leading candidates to replace him, said, “Germany should signal that it can accept everyone in need. No, “he said.

The three Balkan states (Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia) have so far been working on a certain number of Afghan refugees protected in their own country while visa applications to the United States are being processed.

North Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has agreed to serve as a transit country for 450 Afghan women, students and human rights activists. .. “That’s a very clear question. Is it humane or not?”

Spain offers a position as an Afghan hub in cooperation with the EU.Afghanistan

Source link Spain offers a position as an Afghan hub in cooperation with the EU.Afghanistan

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