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When it comes to skin care, there are literally hundreds of products available and you choose what to use (and) when) You can feel overwhelming. Good news? There is nothing wrong with starting a small and simple skin care routine without feeling the pressure to include all the latest products. Ultimately, the best skin care routine is really sticky, so choose the right product for your daily life. Sustainable.

We have put together items that are indispensable for simple morning and night routines, as well as products that are essential for handbags on the go.


Cleaning your face is the most basic skin care step. Products that are covered with dirt or oil do not interact well with the skin.Your morning skin care routine is always cleanser.. Even if you’re asleep, oils and dirt can clog your pores overnight, so I’d like to start fresh every day.wonderful All-purpose cleanser In the morning, after training, and in the evening, use simple micelle water that does not contain harsh additives or abrasives (and does not need to be rinsed). Micelle water can easily become a cleanser even on busy days. Make sure you have some soft, Washable pad Use with a liquid cleanser to avoid rubbing with a highly abrasive object. If you are looking for a more fulfilling night cleanser, Using essential oils Removes dark makeup and keeps skin soft and fresh.

SPF Lotion / Moisturizer

Before applying make-up every morning SPF lotion As a base layer. Your SPF may be part of your foundation or another cream you apply before make-up. Sunscreen Another option to layer under makeup.using SPF lotion Do two things as part of your daily routine: hydrate your skin and protect it from the sun. These two goals should be at the top of the list, regardless of weather, location, daily planning, etc.Invest in a great day SPF lotion Deserves one of your top priority skin care items.

Makeup remover wipe

Most cleansers should do a good job of removing makeup at night, but you may need additional help to remove eye makeup gently and completely. Makeup remover wipe Is a great solution to this problem and is useful to have when you need a cleansing wipe on the go.Can also be used Makeup remover wipe To remove dirt and oil, it’s a good idea to keep a few wipes on hand, even if you’re not wearing makeup. Choose products for sensitive skin to minimize eye irritation and dryness. Some options are individually wrapped and are perfect for keeping in your gym bag, car, or purse.

Skin care routine

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Night cream / moisturizer

During the day SPF lotion It should help moisturize the skin. at night, Moisturizer It maximizes your sleep time and rejuvenates and makes your face feel vibrant.Because you are inside the sun while you sleep Night cream Retinol, which usually makes the face very sensitive in the sun, can be safely included. Retinol energizes skin cells and helps repair damage.

Roller or face mask

An essential part of your skin care routine should be one that can soothe and soothe inflamed (or stressed!) Skin. NS roller Also mask Here it is best to choose what you have selected. Incorporate it into your daily work or save it in case your day is very busy. NS Ice roller You can cool it before use for an even more luxurious experience. Green tea face mask You can cool your skin 5-10 minutes before bedtime.

If your skin care routine lacks any of these essentials, find them today for a fresher face tomorrow!

Skin Care Essentials: Breaking the Basics of Simple Routines | Lifestyle

Source link Skin Care Essentials: Breaking the Basics of Simple Routines | Lifestyle

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