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Westerville, Ohio (AP) —The only Republican moderate at the US Senate Candidate Forum in Ohio on Sunday said at one point, “I felt like a Browns fan at Pittsburgh Stadium.”

A crowd of about 950 people at the evangelical Genoa Baptist Church in the northern suburbs of Columbus never booed Cleveland Indians family-owned state legislator Matt Doran, but they didn’t accept him either. bottom.

All major candidates will be on stage together, including Doran, former Ohio Treasury Secretary Josh Mandel, former Republican Chairman Jane Timken, writer JD Vance, Cleveland businessman, Mike Gibbons, and Bernie Moreno. It was my first time to stand.

Dolan said he supported the recognition of the 2020 presidential election and called it the only option under the US Constitution. We support the anti-LGBT discrimination bill because it is good for business. Support a $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill passing Congress.

“If I don’t vote for this bill, I don’t know if I can say I’m fighting for Ohio,” he said, returning the petrol tax to the state, repairing major bridges, and providing broadband. Claimed to help. Appalachia.

The other five candidates called the bill a madness, a catastrophe, and a complete blunder, although the bipartisan arrangements on the bill were primarily Portman’s handiwork. At the same time, he said everyone would accept Portman’s support if proposed.

Despite evidence of opposition, Mandel applauded that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump, and answered questions about the greatest threat facing elementary school students, saying: Separation of church and nation. “

He said he would bring a veteran US Marine Corps “steel spine” to Washington if elected. Attracted one of the few direct night attacks from Moreno.

“I loved your steel spine, which is why it supported you in 2012,” Moreno said. “But where was last summer? When I was threatened with murder, I was talking against the blockade. That’s the difference. When you weren’t running for the office What were you doing?”

Vance, author of Hilbilly Elegy, cites the absence of a father as one of the biggest hurdles American children face, and grandparents who have to raise drug-addicted children to keep their families together. He said he should be given financial assistance.

Timken, the only woman in the field, spoke frequently from the perspective of her mother. She said the education system has failed students and opposes school toilets and sports accommodation for transgender students as a dangerous violation of religious freedom. “I’m a mom, not a’childbirth’,” she said.

She also advertised her relationship with Trump, who has not approved the race. “I’m the only true America First grassroots candidate in the race who can win this primary, unite the party and take on the radical left agenda,” she said.

Gibbons said he would bring the insights of businessmen to Washington, but vowed not to run for re-election if he was elected. In response to a Warchest question in his small campaign, Gibbons said he would be able to get the money he needed.

“I collect as much money as I need,” he said. “If I can’t raise it, I’ll put it in, and I believe you put your money where your mouth is.” He is also a conservative candidate. Said that it has donated to 73 individual school board candidates this year as it seeks to win seats from liberals.

At the end of the forum, sponsored by the Center for Christian Berchus American Leadership Forum, radio host and writer moderator Hugh Hewitt sponsored a reporter he named liberal by the media. Or was a panelist.

“If I had a friend of legacy media here, I would have been asked about January 6th, then January 6th, and then the terrible January 6th,” Hewitt laughed. Said. crowd. “But you would have been asked about Donald Trump’s role at the January 6th event.”

Six US Senate Candidates in Ohio Compete for Evangelical Voting | WGN Radio 720

Source link Six US Senate Candidates in Ohio Compete for Evangelical Voting | WGN Radio 720

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