Shooting in Indianapolis: Shooters killed, eight dead at FedEx facility, police said | LiveUpdate

From Indianapolis-Police said shooters killed eight people and injured several before committing suicide in a late-night attack at a FedEx facility near Indianapolis Airport. Relative calm during a pandemic.

Five people were hospitalized after the shooting on Thursday night, police said. One of them was seriously injured, according to police spokesman Jennae Cook. The other two were treated and released in the field. FedEx said the people who worked for the company were among the dead.

Witnesses said he was working inside the building when he heard several gunshots in a row.

“A man came out with a rifle in his hand, started firing, and started screaming what I didn’t understand,” Levi Miller told WTHR-TV. “What I did was to duck down to make sure he wasn’t looking at me because he looked at me and thought he would shoot me.”

This was the latest in a series of recent mass shootings across the United States. Last month, eight people were shot dead and 10 were shot dead at a massage company in the Atlanta area at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado.

Indianapolis alone was at least the third mass shooting this year. Five people, including a pregnant woman, were shot dead in January, and the man was accused of killing three adults and one child before kidnapping his daughter during a quarrel at home in March.

Police have not identified the shooter and have not revealed whether he is an employee of the facility. They said “preliminary information from on-site evidence” indicates that he died of suicide.

“We are still trying to figure out the exact reason and cause of this incident,” Cook said.

Governor Eric Holcomb ordered the half-mast to be raised until April 20, and he and others accused the shooting of how frequent such attacks were.

Indiana-born Secretary of Transportation Pete Butigeg said, “This time I’m awakened again to the news of the shootings in Indiana. Now there is no country to accept the everyday horror. It was a long time ago.” Tweeted.

The family gathered at a nearby hotel and waited for the words of their loved ones. And some employees were put on the bus there for a reunion of tears. However, some people said they did not yet have information about their relatives after a few hours. Most employees are not allowed to bring their mobile phones into the FedEx building, making contact with them difficult.

“When I get a notification on my cell phone, my child doesn’t get a text message, I don’t get the information, but I still don’t know where it is … what should I do?” Mindy Carson said in tears. It was. Her daughter, Jessica, was working at the facility and she wasn’t contacted by her.

Police were asked to report the shooting after 11 pm Thursday, and police officers “were in contact with a lively shooter case,” Cook said. The shooter later committed suicide.

“The police officers responded and went in and worked. Many police officers are trying to confront this because it’s a sight that no one needs to see,” Cook said.

Indianapolis police Craig McCartt told NBC Today early Friday that police officers still “little” know. Chris Babender, a spokesman for the FBI’s Indianapolis office, said he was supporting police investigations.

Attorney General Merrick Garland was briefed on the shooting, and the White House said President Joe Biden would. Biden’s advisers are in contact with the mayor and law enforcement authorities.

The man told WTTV that his niece was sitting in the driver’s seat of her car and she was injured when the shooting happened.

“She was shot in her left arm,” said Palminder Singh. “She’s fine, she’s in the hospital now.”

He said his niece didn’t know the archer.


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Shooting in Indianapolis: Shooters killed, eight dead at FedEx facility, police said | LiveUpdate

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