Shashi Tharoor celebrates Onam in a traditional style

New Delhi [India], August 21 (ANI): The Parliamentary MP of Thiruvananthapuram celebrates Onam with his extended family at his ancestral home in Paracado, Kerala, and himself in a traditional swing. I posted a video of.

The MP was recently cleared by the Delhi indictment court in the death of his wife Sunandha Kumarirat.

“There is a tradition of Onam swings that usually leave to young girls. This year I was persuaded to get into the spirit of things. Happy Onam!” In the courtyard of his family’s house while the family pushed it forward. Tweeted the Congressional leader with his clip enjoying a swing hanging on a tree.

He also posted another tweet on Saturday when he welcomed people on Onam’s occasion.

In a previous tweet, Taruru posted a clip from the Malayalam news TV channel. This clip details the festival and how to spend your childhood.

He also said that the ancestral home in the village of Yerevan Cherry in Palakkad was the place where he married Sunanda Pushkar in August 2010.

Onam is a harvest festival celebrated by Malayali. The date is based on Panchangham, located in Nakshatra Tilvonam, 22nd of the Malayalam calendar Chingham month, between August and September in the Gregorian calendar. According to the Malayalam calendar, Chingham is the first month.

The 10-day celebration concludes with Tilvonam, celebrating the Malayalam New Year.

With the proliferation of COVID-19 cases in Kerala, the state government has decided to host an Onam celebration in virtual mode.

The virtual celebration of the Onam Festival officially began on August 14th.

Meanwhile, in Kerala on Friday, 20,224 new COVID-19 cases and 99 deaths were reported, with a total of 37,86,797 cases and 19,345 casualties. (ANI)

Shashi Tharoor celebrates Onam in a traditional style

Source link Shashi Tharoor celebrates Onam in a traditional style

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