Severe racial disparities in school discipline revealed by data surveys

Chicago (WLS)-When students across our region return to school, I-Team data surveys reveal significant racial disparities in student disciplinary practices. Our data survey looks at discipline disparities. Color students are much more likely to be suspended or dropped out than white students, and some students question whether they are targeted because of their skin tone.

Talib Kweli Goth, a graduate of Oak Park and River Forest High School, said:

Becktemba-Goss graduated from OPRF High School this spring and was fighting for racial equality in high school.

ABC7I-Team analysis of discipline data for the 2019-2020 academic year reveals that OPRF has the second highest disparity rate across states in exclusive discipline. State authorities will track school suspensions or dropouts, along with the race of disciplinary students. According to school district data, colored students make up 86% of school district suspensions, even though they make up only 43% of the school population.

“The problem is that when you start choosing who to train, that prejudice affects you,” said Beckemba Goss.

“We want fairness. It doesn’t matter what color they are when it comes to what their punishment will be if my child does something wrong,” says Mejiro McQueen. I did.

McQueen is the parent of Oak Park and leads African-American parents for purposeful leadership in education. Her group works with school leaders to ensure that policies are implemented fairly.

“Schools are always rebuking African-American students, especially African-American men. They aren’t the only ones to appear late. They’re the only ones who forget their missing combinations. No, I won’t do my homework last night, “McQueen told Team I.

In a statement, OPRF officials told Team I that they were “working to achieve racial equality” and that “a vision of fair excellence is focused on closing the gaps that exist in our district.” “.

“The racial imbalance rate of disciplinary action is high, but the overall exclusion rate is low, especially when compared to other districts in the state,” district officials told Team I in a statement.

Chicago Public Schools ranks 20th in racial discipline among hundreds of school districts across the state. According to our data analysis, the number of CPS outages and expulsions was by far the highest across the state, at 9667 in 2020. A CPS spokesperson did not respond to requests for comment on this report.

Evanston Township High School is ranked 9th in the state for exclusive discipline, but district officials have artificially included state data in Team I, mistakenly counting some non-suspension disciplined actions. He says he made it worse.

Alexios Rosario-Moore, a clinical assistant professor at UIC, said: Faculty of Education. “It also has a disproportionate impact on Latin X students, black students, and young men.”

In 2018, more than half of schools in the Chicago metropolitan area had racial and ethnic disparities on school holidays, according to data from the US Department of Education. Black students here miss the day for disciplinary action six times as often as white students, according to data from Chicago’s metropolitan areas.

“Even a single suspension in high school could actually start a pipeline to students at risk of dropping out,” said Pamela Fenning, a professor at Loyola University Chicago. Last year, distance learning. Illinois students were found to have been removed from online classes last year due to class interruptions (misuse of chat) and failure to turn on the camera or microphone.

“There was so much inequality in pre-COVID education, but now there is only an increase in inequality,” Fenning told Team I.

“As a student in the classroom, I still see the prejudice that teachers may or may not be consciously trying, but unknowingly targeting colored children.” Said Beckenbagos.

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Severe racial disparities in school discipline revealed by data surveys

Source link Severe racial disparities in school discipline revealed by data surveys

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