Seven Cases of Monkeypox Confirmed in Chicago Announced by Health Authority | Chicago News

Dr. Alison Arwadi, Director General of Public Health, Chicago will speak on Thursday, May 26, 2022. (WTTW News)

Seven confirmed cases of monkeypox were detected in Chicago, city health officials announced on Monday.

The first possible case of a rare disease was found on June 3 in a man who recently returned to Chicago from Europe, according to statements from the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Chicago Department of Public Health.

Officials said some of the recently diagnosed cases were related to people who traveled to Europe. One of the Chicago residents diagnosed with monkeypox attended the International Mr. Leather Conference in Chicago from May 26th to 30th. Residents of another state diagnosed with monkeypox also attended the meeting, health officials said. The conference was held at the Congress Hotel and Convention Center and the Ally Crown Theater at McCormick Place. According to the website..

“Chicago’s risk remains low, but CDPH allows the public to make informed choices about attending gatherings and events in spaces where monkeypox can spread through close or intimate contact. I want to do it, “said the Chicago Department of Public Health.

Forty-nine confirmed cases of monkeypox have been reported in 16 states and Washington, DC. Most infected people report only mild symptoms and no one died.

Viruses from wildlife such as rodents and primates spread to people through infected animals and most often occur in Central and West Africa. However, person-to-person transmission is possible through monkeypox pain, contaminated fluids and pain, or close physical contact with respiratory droplets after prolonged face-to-face contact, officials said. Stated.

Early data from outbreaks that appear to have started in Europe before spreading to Canada and the United States suggest that gay, bisexual, and other men having sex with men make up many early cases. Yes, officials said.

“It’s important to note that the risk of monkeypox is not limited to (men who have sex with men), and not all cases in Chicago are included in men,” Chicago Health. Authorities said. “Anyone who is in close contact with an infectious person is at risk.”

Monkeypox belongs to the same viral family as smallpox and can cause fever, body aches, chills and malaise. People with severe monkeypox infections have rashes and lesions on their faces and hands that can spread to other parts of the body.

According to a statement from Chicago health officials, “How close and personal skin-to-skin contact can occur for individuals attending festivals and other summer events at the events they plan to attend? Should be considered. “

People who have symptoms or develop an abnormal rash need to be tested for monkeypox and see a doctor who can provide treatment with a smallpox vaccine that is effective against monkeypox, officials said. ..

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Seven Cases of Monkeypox Confirmed in Chicago Announced by Health Authority | Chicago News

Source link Seven Cases of Monkeypox Confirmed in Chicago Announced by Health Authority | Chicago News

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