Series Mania Crown Winner-Deadline

French TV event Series mania It ended yesterday with the awarding of the award. Scroll down to see the complete list of winners.

International competition, Iceland series Black port Won the highest award in the French competition. June et Gori Selected for the best series. The Audience Award also went to the French series, Genital..Croatian show Last socialist artifact Taken the best series in the International Panorama Strand.

The event announced the number of spectators this year, with more than 54,000 attendees across the festival’s physical and digital platforms and 2,500 attendees across the physical and digital incarnations of the forum program.

“Given the amazing reactions we’ve received over the last few days, we can be confident that the series enthusiast was a huge success and far exceeded our expectations,” said Lawrence Haasber, president of the series enthusiast. “In addition, tonight, two big winners Black port When Last socialist artifactWas originally proposed at the forum’s Co-Pro pitching session and reiterated the fact that series enthusiasts are the “beginning of the series.” “

Full list of series enthusiast winners:

International competition

Grand Prize: BLACKPORT (Iceland)
Best actress: MARIE REUTHER from Kamikaze (Denmark)
Best Actor: Itamar Lotschild, ORR AMRAMI, SHMUEL VILOZNI Echo of your Voice (Israel) Ensemble Award

International panorama

Best Series: Last Socialist Artifact (Croatia)
Special Jury Prize: VIDA DE COLORES (Colombia)
Best Series-Student Award: WE ARE LADY PARTS (UK)

French competition

Best series: JEUNE ET GOLRI
Best Actress: Ariane Labed for Lopera
Best Actor: DANIELN JOLOBÉ for the Code
Best Music: Pierre Leroux for June and Gori (Pierre III)

Comedy competition

Best Series: FISK (Australia)

Short form competition

Best Series: SOMETHING UNDONE (Canada)

Audience Award


Series Mania Crown Winner-Deadline

Source link Series Mania Crown Winner-Deadline

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