See the 2022 Bulls NBA Draft Hat

Chicago – For the first time in two years, the Bulls will make a choice in the first round of the NBA Draft on Thursday, except for the next few hours of trading.

Their 2021 pick was traded off in the Nikola Vucevic contract in March of that year, so fans of the year need to be careful when the opening pick takes place.

Player fashion has always been a big part of the Draft Night festival, but fans can get a little excited at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn starting Thursday at 7pm.

This is the hat that each draft topic wears when selected by a particular team created by New Era in 2022.

About 24 hours ago, the company released the look of hats, including those for the Bulls.

This is the look of the hat that the Bulls choose to wear on Thursday night by one or more players. It features a red brim with the Bulls logo on one side, a white top, red initials “CHI”, and a black NBA logo. The other.

As of Thursday evening, only one Bulls can be selected in the draft. This is the 18th one chosen in the first round. It will be their first in that area of ​​the draft since 2020 when they chose Patrick Williams on the fourth pick.

If the Bulls want to participate in the second round, they need to trade to participate. If not, the team has chosen for the second consecutive year. In 2021, they won Chicago-born Illinois guard Ayo Dosunmu in the 38th overall pick in the first round.

See the 2022 Bulls NBA Draft Hat

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