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WARNING: This interview HBOof Westworld Episode 401 “Augury”..

All new Westworld, And since the guys Mave and Caleb unveiled the predictive AI big sync computer Rehoboam last season, does it look peaceful? Dolores also helped, Sacrifice her life..

Now let’s speed up to everyone about what happened tonight.


— —Ed Harris’s black man, also known as William He roams to have his own heart and a lot of power. But don’t forget that Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) killed what looked like his human version at the season 3 finale and sent many guys out into the world. MIB wants to buy a water dam from a drug cartel. He makes an offer that they can’t refuse, but they still refuse at first. Sell ​​it today, “or give it to me for free tomorrow,” and the MIB booms to the guy at Arturo Del Puerto’s Cartel Point. “What I want is already there. It was stolen from one of my facilities eight years ago, and I know you received a hefty payment to store it. “The MIB tells him. I don’t want to move or disturb it, so I take the whole shebang. “

Later, the Dell Puerto characters who refused to sell the dam flocked to flies in his room and were knocked out. The next day he wakes up and talks to his boss (Alex Fernandez) and his associates about the MIB offer. They laugh. The character of Dell Puerto takes out the knife and kills it. He then meets the MIB at the Dam Bridge and agrees to sell the structure to him. “Have you finished my work?” He asks. “Yes, you can rest now,” the MIB replies before the man cuts his throat.

Westworld Season 4 Evan Rachel Wood

— —There is Dolores … but it’s not Dolores. Rather, Christina, Plays Evan Rachel Wood.. She is a loving, hard-working single girl in the city, working in a gorgeous cubicle job writing 3D game stories for people.She lives with her roommate, played by the Oscar winner Ariana Devose, Someone who keeps encouraging Christina to go out and date. However, the story game written by Christina seems to be influencing more outsiders and is not a good way to go. She wants to write more romance YA storylines. In short, she’s a teenage girl who lives in the countryside with her father (much like Dolores’s Western, “scratch”, says Christina). But her boss doesn’t want her saccharin story, but rather more sex, violence, and tragedy. Meanwhile, Christina receives a disturbing call from a man who claims her story was forced to lose his job and his wife. He probably blames the tower, the building in which she works. Later you will find out that this man’s name is Peter. He raided Christina after a date and cut her with a knife before being conquered by her mysterious man on her streets. By the end of the episode, it turns out that it was James Marsden who protected Christina. In previous seasons, Marsden played the cowboy Teddy Flood. Teddy Flood is the host who has always been Dolores’ favorite at the Delos Westworld theme parks. The day after she met Christina, Peter calls her and says, “Is this up to me, or did you write this too?” Before jumping out of the building until he died in front of her.

Westworld season 3

— —Mabe (Thandiwe Newton) lived in the woods and hid in a hut after winning the revolution. At the end of season 3.. But she finds out that the host will pick her up. She takes them out, but she cuts off one of their heads. She connects to it and learns that MIB / William is behind this. It’s time for her to return to the world.

Westworld Season 3 Trailer (Credit: HBO)

— —Caleb (Aaron Paul). Despite helping Mave win the war, he’s back in the construction industry, but he’s a real human man, not with a robot like last season. All the robots we learn are scrap metal. “Has your life changed since they destroyed those machines?” Caleb’s colleague asks him. Caleb has a daughter, who teaches her how to shoot a pistol (similar to BB gun). “Thanks to you, her hobbies are sugar and violence,” Caleb’s spouse says of their daughter. Later, the perpetrator approaches Caleb’s daughter at night. However, the intruder is soon attacked by the Maeve samurai sword. “I know who sent those men after us: William. He’s back on it,” Mave told Caleb. She also knows that the MIB is meeting with the California Senator, and she wants to track him. Caleb was in full agreement with it and told his loved one, who had lost her patience in his Shenanigan, “I am the one who brought this to us and I must end it. It ’s a person. ”

This is a conversation with us Westworld Co-author, EP and scribe Lisa Joy To explain it all:

Lisa Joy Westworld
Lisa Joy

deadline: How many years after the revolution? Immediately after?

Lisa Joy: We last saw the character for over 7 years. There is no more fight. it’s all over. We skipped a big battle, and now we are seeing the aftermath of the struggle.

Deadline: The Season 4 setup looks like host-to-host. You have Charlotte and you know she’s not human, and you have William who isn’t. He is running a roost. Mave is hiding in a hut and being attacked by a host guard, who can hack their brains. Therefore, it looks like there is such a difference between hosts.

Lisa Joy: right. It looks like a kind. After Dolores died more than seven years ago, she seems to have bought freedom for humans from this giant AI, and they are distrustful of common AI. You can see Caleb refusing to work with robots and now working with humans, but that doesn’t mean the AI ​​is gone. The remaining hosts are obviously doing a lot.In the case of Medb, she has her Eat, pray, fall in love Only for a moment in Alaska, but perhaps some of our hosts are teaming up for the more vicious Shenanigan. I think the problem that comes up this season is after the period of anxiety has passed. Once this detente, this peace, can it stay, or is it a human being and that kind of heir, somehow destined in the form of these hosts. Do you always fall into these difficulties and battle and division loops?

Deadline: So we’re talking about this tower because Rehoboam is gone and AI is gone. Is this the company where the Evan Rachel Wood characters work?

Lisa Joy: I have no idea.

Deadline: I see. But the tower seems to be this new AI, as the character keeps saying, “The tower is letting me do these things.”

Lisa Joy: It sounds like fanatic wrath to me.

Deadline: Season 3 felt like a reboot in some way. Is there also Season 4?

Lisa Joy: That is, we have always seen this story unfold in these unique chapters, and in almost some respect there are seasonally different genres. Similarly, there is everything from the character’s trajectory to the world we are exploring to the times we are exploring. We have been aiming to keep evolving. So I’m not sure if restarting is the right word, but we’re dealing with AI, and of course AI doesn’t have the same lifespan, so we’re looking into a long history. human. So it makes sense to me that I don’t have to do it perfectly linearly, such as with direct pickup. And for me, war is brutal, horrifying and devastating for all parties. Every war is the result of a massive failure of everyone. In addition to death and devastation, what I’m really interested in is not the war itself, as it’s so basic and so sad, but the aftermath of war: how humans live with the scars of war. How civilization picks up itself, reroutes, and changes culture. From time to time, people face the power of this kind of alternation of generations. I think we have just experienced one ourselves. The question is, what is the next step in human evolution?

deadline: Is this the last season, or is your team watching two more seasons, or is it a wait-and-see type?

Lisa Joy: No. I don’t want to seduce the TV gods, but (Westworld Co-creator) Jona (Nolan) and I have always kept in mind the consequences we want to reach. Not yet reached.

Deadline: And Dolores. She was knocked out of Rehoboam …

Lisa Joy: yes. She died.


Deadline: It’s Westworld — People can reboot. There is always a backup. Do you know how she got from the end of Season 3 until now, or do you learn it?

Lisa Joy: I mean, she didn’t. Dolores is completely dead. Her sacrifice made sense in the sense that it helped bring the world to this place, but she was sacrificed in that Dolores was no longer there. I don’t know if it’s called a version, but there’s this new character, Christina. When she experiences the city, dates and is a writer, we ride her ride with her. It’s really great that she can’t speak completely metaphorically, can do modern and human things, be a roommate, a bunter, and be able to write bad dates. I couldn’t do that yet.It has always been a work of the times Westworld.. I wanted to play a really nice actor, this girl, Christina, and I hope people don’t notice because I changed her hair color, but we just cast Evan again did. I think hair color will fool them. They probably won’t recognize her.

Deadline: William feels very alive. I think he’s dead, but he feels like he’s not dead. From his manipulation, he doesn’t feel like a programmed bot.

Lisa Joy: Unfortunately, he’s what you’re seeing — what William doesn’t want most: the host. And not only that, he is the host of the chain. He’s Hale … you know.

Season 4 New Evan Rachel Wood’s “Westworld” Co-Creator Lisa Joy-Deadline

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