“Scream” creator Kevin Williamson works with fresh blood [Podcast] – deadline

“When Wes (Craven) passed, I already said goodbye to it,” says the original. scream Franchise secretary Kevin Williamson Today’s deadline HeroNation Podcast..

But when Dimension Films’ IP was snapped by Spyglass Media, the conversation began to buzz.Williamson met with Spyglass boss Gary Barber, but screenwriter James Vanderbilt scream Design the phone. In short, the project’s new blood wanted Williamson to be involved, the scribe got EP credits at the opening of today’s Paramount co-production.

You can hear the following conversation with Williamson:

It’s interesting to note that Williamson pitched first Scream 5 When 6, However, these elements were not actually inserted in the new edition. One of Rikuel’s fascinating characters is Melissa Barrera’s Sam Carpenter, a force that has been the focus of attention in the Slasher series.

Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox’s “Scream”
Paramount / Spyglass

“It’s very difficult to leave, but I can do that,” Williamson says of leaving the creative governance of his project as follows: Dawson’s Creek, The Vampire Diaries, When scream But for others, after working extensively on television, he enjoys the opportunity to work with writers, come up with ideas, and watch them walk their lives.His trust here scream Filmmakers Matt Bettinelli Olpin and Tyler Gillett are derived from the franchise’s big fan duo.

Regarding Dawson’s Creek During the reboot, especially in the days of Streamer HBO Max, Williamson says he’s heard about “every other year.”

Nevertheless, “I want to make it a shepherd,” says Williamson, a new generation of scribes.

scream With a $ 3.5 million preview on Thursday night, we got off to a great start this weekend. This is the third best Thursday in a post-pandemic horror movie. Halloween kill When Quiet Place Part II Each earned $ 4.8 million. MLK’s four-day holiday outlook ranges from $ 20 million.

“Scream” creator Kevin Williamson works with fresh blood [Podcast] – deadline

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