Scientists Discover Why Women Feel Colder Than Men

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Tel Aviv, Israel — Men and women often disagree with each other — and it often involves climate. Researchers say that the perception that women often feel colder than men may be an evolutionary fact, not just a myth. The team at Tel Aviv University’s Department of Animal Science adds that this applies not only to humans, but to many other species as well.

So why do women like the heat while men turn on the air conditioner?Research shows that there is a real reason for this, to maintain gender. Further away!!

“We suggest that men and women feel different temperatures. This is the evolutionary difference built into the heat-sensing system of men and women, especially related to the reproductive process and the care of offspring. “The team led by Dr. Elan Levin and Dr. Tari Magory said.Cohen writes: Media release.

together male When woman While fighting for thermostats, the authors of the study investigated how this phenomenon also occurs among birds and bats. Dr. Levin said previous studies found that bat sex actually segregates during the breeding season. During this time, the male bat heads for a cool place.

Other studies have shown similar behavior between birds and mammals, with males heading to cooler areas and females staying in warmer areas with their offspring. actual, sex When scientists live together, they find that men often stand in the shade and women sunbathe.

The Israeli team has gathered information for 40 years (1981-2018) about thousands of birds of 13 species that move each year. They also examined 18 species of bats during the study.

The theory of evolution says, “Think of the children!”

You may be asking, why focus on birds and bats? Researchers say these animals, especially migratory birds, are extremely mobile. With that in mind, the team thought that this separation between genders would greatly clarify the study of gender temperature preferences, even if they sometimes span different climatic zones around the world.

Research finds a reason evolution Seems to separate men and women Keep your baby safe.. Dr. Magory Cohen adds that when evolution pushes men into cooler climates and women into warmer climates, it reduces competition for resources.It also keeps Potentially aggressive men From endangering offspring.

“The bottom line is that when we return to the human realm, this difference in cooling sensations did not arise so that we could discuss air conditioning with our partners, but rather the opposite. The couples are a little further away from each other. This allows each person to enjoy peace and tranquility. This phenomenon is associated with the sociological phenomenon observed in mixed environments of females and males, even in many animals, and even humans. It’s possible. Others, “says Cohen.

“We are dealing with the difference in heat sensing mechanisms between women and men, and hypothesized that it has developed. In the process of evolution.. This difference is essentially similar to the known differences in pain sensations experienced by men and women, and are affected by the differences in the neural mechanisms that cause the sensations and the differences in hormones between men and women. ” Dr. Levin concludes.

The study will be displayed in Journal Global Ecology and Biogeography..

Scientists Discover Why Women Feel Colder Than Men

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