Satisfy Running Announces Celebration Sonic Youth Collection

brand: Satisfy

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Keypiece: This summer Short shorts.. That said, nothing beats Satisfy’s 2.5-inch style (Slide # 6 in the gallery below), adorned with reflexive Sonic Youth prints. A large back zipper pocket and two inner pouches provide ample space to carry your essentials when running or walking around town.

Release date: Available now

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Editor’s Note: Satisfy and Sonic Youth are the same, two of the best known outfits for going against trends and offering what was previously lacking in their respective fields. Satisfy has brought a full-fledged, easy-going edge to time-driven running sports, and Sonic Youth has revolutionized the sound of indie rock. For this reason, Satisfy’s new Sonic Youth collection makes sense at so many levels.

Since Satisfy is a dedicated running brand, the label founded by Brice Partouche presents a variety of technical gear adorned with captivating iconography celebrating a New York-based rock band. The collection includes everything you need to get out of the door and enjoy a few miles this summer, including performance-focused tops and shorts, socks, trail running caps, and one of the brand’s signature bandanas. is included. The style may not look like standard running gear (it’s partly important), but it’s still made from the ideal technical fabric for any session.

In the lookbook above, New York rock musician and producer Walter Schreifels glide through the city wearing carefully selected pieces from capsules. Below you can swipe an additional gallery of product images to improve the mood of Satisfy’s Sonic Youth collection.

To complement the range of apparel, Satisfy has partnered with the vintage lifestyle concept Unified Goods to offer a carefully selected selection of rare Sonic Youth artifacts that can be purchased with running capsules. Follow the links below to buy today’s products.

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Satisfy Running Announces Celebration Sonic Youth Collection

Source link Satisfy Running Announces Celebration Sonic Youth Collection

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