Samsung leads the Android tablet market and Apple is the overall leader


Apple’s iPad dominates the global tablet market, and the brand is undoubtedly a leader in this area. With the recently launched iPad Pro with its own M1 chip, the Cupertino giant has become an undisputed leader in the tablet market. However, when it comes to top tablets with Android OS, it is none other than Samsung, a major Korean high-tech company.

There is a lot of competition in the Android market. However, Samsung has succeeded in maintaining its position as the top leader in the Android tablet market. Recently, the demand for Android tablets has diminished, and some people are migrating to Chromebooks instead of Android tablets.

However, Samsung still manufactures the Galaxy Tab S7 series, demonstrating how enthusiastic Samsung is. The company’s latest Galaxy Tab S7 series is a good example of how enthusiastic the company is in the tablet market.

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According to the latest figures from Strategy Analytics, the Korean giant shipped 8.2 million tablets in the second quarter of 2021, recording a remarkable growth of 18% year-on-year compared to 2020.

The lineup includes the Galaxy Tab S7, Tab S7 + and Tab S7 FE, which are currently the best Android tablets on the market. This lineup helped South Korean tech giants increase their market share by 18%.

However, Samsung isn’t the only one entering the Android tablet market, but there is another major player, Lenovo. The company also announced increased tablet shipments, shipping 4.7 million units during the quarter, achieving an insane 67% increase compared to the second quarter of 2020.

There is also Amazon, which holds the third largest position among Android tablet vendors. Tablet shipments grew significantly by 49% year-on-year and account for a 9% share of the global tablet market.

But the indisputable fact is that Apple continues to be a leader in the overall tablet market. The Cupertino Giants shipped 15.8 million units in the second quarter of 2021 and have a 35% global market share.

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Samsung leads the Android tablet market and Apple is the overall leader

Source link Samsung leads the Android tablet market and Apple is the overall leader

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