Samsung Galaxy S22 series may arrive with 50MP RGBW main camera

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  • Samsung Galaxy S22 series may have a 50MP RGBW sensor.
  • Theoretically, this sensor has the potential to improve the light sensitivity of the sensor under certain conditions.

NS Samsung Galaxy S22 The release may still be a few months away, but the leak is already thick and fast. The latest tips suggest that Samsung’s early 2022 flagship may have a fairly impressive camera system.

Early rumors He pointed out that he uses a 50MP sensor for the entire range of the Galaxy S22.Well, a new tip from Tarekomi Yogesh,In response to the Ice universe Tweets suggest that this sensor may be an RGBW (red, green, blue, white) unit.

yogesh samsung galaxy s22rgbw camera tweet

Why use an RGBW sensor?

It’s too early to see the specifications of the Galaxy S22 series, but the RGBW sensor is interesting. Theoretically, adding white pixels helps the sensor get more light information across the spectrum. This should improve the overall light performance of the sensor in dark scenes.

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The first phone with this technology was the Huawei P8. The sensor took impressive shots at the time, but struggled with overexposure in bright scenes. Given the phones that went on sale six months ago, I think advances in the latest sensors and software will significantly alleviate this problem.

Samsung isn’t the only one working on phones with this sensor. At the end of last year, Vivo announced plans to launch a mobile phone with an RGBW sensor in 2021.The title of the device has not been revealed, but the technology could debut camera-centric Vivo X60 successor.

Yogesh tips are generally reliable, but you still need to take this information with a little salt.later Galaxy Z Fold 3 Samsung is estimated to debut later this month and will probably launch the Galaxy S22 series only in the first quarter of 2022. There is plenty of time for new details to be revealed.

Other rumors suggest that Samsung’s next flagship line could significantly improve camera performance.The company also has a 200MP sensor Polish the current 108MP sensorSo expect this to debut on the device (Samsung or others) in the future as well.

Samsung Galaxy S22 series may arrive with 50MP RGBW main camera

Source link Samsung Galaxy S22 series may arrive with 50MP RGBW main camera

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