Russian Mail Order Bride: Find Your True Love Online

Russian Mail Order Wives: Yeah Or Nay For A Foreign Man?

Russian mail order girls are particularly charming to foreign men. Their attractive appearance, exceptional sweet nature, and extraordinary homemaking skills tempt Westerners. But what are the reasons girls hunt for a spouse from overseas? And what should you know about their dating culture to succeed in your love life? Read the guide on Russian mail order women below.

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What are Russian mail order brides?

Russian mail order wives are women who register on dating platforms and get acquainted with western men in order to settle down with one of them. A portrait of a typical bride: young (25–35 years old), single, and pretty. But if you look through any Russian mail order brides catalogue, you`ll see that the choice is endless. Use the search filters and discover all varieties of ages, marital and parental statuses, education, religion, and other characteristics.

Why do women become mail order brides? In most cases, they`re not satisfied with local men, culture, mindset. They want a more westernized partner who`s aware of partnership and equality in relationships. The thing is, the traditional gender roles are deeply rooted in Russian culture, and many girls want to try a more modern way of creating a family.

Top reasons to get a Russian mail order girl

Let`s have a look at why so many men choose Russian women for marriage.

They`re more wife-material

It`s probably a well-known fact that Russian women are much more wife-material in comparison with Western girls. Even though Russian ladies don`t mind having work and making money, family is still their priority. It seems like they know it all about work-life balance. So, on the one hand, you`ll get a great homemaker and loving wife. On the other hand, you`ll marry a partner and a friend who won`t hang around your neck and be a burden.

They`re more feminine

And this isn`t about mere appearance. Of course, no one can underestimate Russian mail order brides` beauty. The women look great because of the high beauty standards in the country. They care a lot about their skin, hair, nails, makeup, outfits. But they`re just as beautiful and feminine inside. Sensitivity, sweetness, gentleness, and warmth are their main characteristics. Marry a Russian girl, and you`ll get a kind, helpful, and devoted partner. Isn`t that a dream?

They`re more patient

You know, Russian girls are indeed much more calm, tolerant, and ready to sacrifice in comparison with American and European ladies. Because of various cultural and historical reasons, Russian women rarely put own priorities over somebody like their husband or children. But this isn`t about being a victim and being obedient. Such an approach is wise and helps make the relationships last and keep families happy.

How to get a Russian mail order bride

So, now you`ve fallen in love with the image of Russian girls and want to get acquainted with them as soon as possible? No wonder! They`re even better in real life. But how can you get a lady? Here`s what you should consider first.

Best way to find a Russian bride

So, online dating platforms. How and which to choose? Here are some important tips for you to follow.

How to order a Russian mail order wife?

Here`s a step-by-step instruction on how to find and start dating a woman online. Please, keep in mind that you don`t order or buy a girl. This is just a term widely used in the mail order bride world.

  1. Create an eye-catching profile. It should attract girls` attention, otherwise, they`ll just pass by. What`s important? First, your photo. It should be current, high-quality, and nice. No selfies or group pics. You know that first impressions are half the battle, right? Second, personal info. Make it as descriptive as possible. The more details about you, your values, education, habits, the better. Just think what profiles you`d like girls to have and create something similar.
  2. Choose 3–5 girls to communicate with. It`s a huge mistake to write to only one Russian mail order bride. You have such a wide choice, use it! Select up to 5 profiles you find the most attractive and start communicating with the ladies. In time, you can narrow your choice when you understand which bride is your perfect match.
  3. Court the girl. One of Russian dating cultural peculiarities is that men are expected to court women. You know what girls like? Compliments, attention, flowers, presents. The more, the better. You can never overdo it with Russian ladies. By the way, pay attention to details. What does she like doing? What would she want to get from you? Make her feel special, and she`ll fall for you immediately.
  4. Meet offline. The next crucial step in your online relationship is taking it all into the offline world. Discuss where you want to meet and for how long. Arrange flight tickets and accommodation. Think about the presents and the activities you want to do together. It should be a delightful experience. This is an opportunity to understand whether you`re truly compatible.
  5. Propose. The last step is marriage. If you both understand you can create a happy family together, go for it! There could be some marriage regulations and rules depending on where you two come from and what your religions are, so you`d better do some research.

How much are Russian mail order women?

Several factors and aspects should be considered when counting the average cost of Russian mail order brides. Here are the most common ones.

Thus, on average, Russian mail order bride price is about $3500–7000 for a period of 6 months. That`s how long it usually takes to have it all done. The sum for a month is $500–1500, which seems quite affordable.

Russian mail order wives tours

What is it? Kind of a romantic vacation. A dating platform helps to arrange your trip to Russia, where you`re going to meet single local girls, get acquainted, communicate, have fun, and have a better look at each other to understand whether you`re a good match. You can go on a solo tour or make it in a group with other men. Here`s why you should try it.

Are Russian mail order brides legal?

There are lots of concerns and questions about mail order bride legality today, but let`s dispel all your doubts and make it all clear at the very beginning. Mail order brides are legal. In case you follow some common sense rules and certain local regulations, there`s nothing to worry about. Here are some tips.

Tips for dating Russian mail order brides

Russian dating culture is different, so keep in mind certain peculiarities.

  1. Learn more about Russian culture. This is a huge country with a long history. She`ll be pleased to know you`re trying to learn it better. Surprise her with a few interesting facts or a few Russian phrases. Compliments in Russian will certainly work out.
  2. Pay the bills. This is a custom in Russia—men pay for almost all activities couples do together. Even if she suggests splitting the bill—you`re advised to reject it. Be sure you`ll look much more masculine in her eyes after such a gesture.
  3. Make her laugh. Try to forget about awkwardness and gain some confidence. Be yourself and don`t be afraid to make some jokes. Russian women appreciate humor a lot.


Are Russian mail order brides real?

Russian mail order brides are real women. In the majority of cases, reliable and experienced dating services review girls` identification documents. Many websites offer live video streaming, phone calling, video chats. It all helps to avoid scammers and see with your own eyes a girl you`re interacting with.

Can you really buy a Russian bride?

No, you can`t. It`s a misunderstanding of a mail order bride notion. Men pay for online dating services and site`s features, buy presents and flowers, help women financially and transfer money. But they don`t order or buy a woman. It`s similar to regular dating, but it takes place online.

How long does it take to get a Russian mail order bride?

On average, 5–8 months, but it depends on lots of factors. Some Russian women need more time to start trusting a man and want to communicate online for a longer time before a personal meeting. Sometimes a couple make it all really fast, and they can get married in a few months.

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