Romantic comedy starring in the regency era Ṣọpẹ ́ Dirisu – Deadline

A recently accepted fashion that fills the British romantic soap opera of the era with color actors, especially in Netflix’s ongoing hit series. BridgertonContinue Malcolm’s listDramatically traditional stories, brilliantly adorned with matchmaking in the regency era, dizzyingly rotate from the control of the participants. Certainly “loosely inspired” pride and prejudiceDeep inside Jane Austen’s territory, this reasonably large venture is rumors and discussions with luxurious lands and elaborately dressed young men and women with the best possible accents. .. The conventions of this genre may be well known, but it seems that you will never grow old with an audience that you can rely on to conclude this. Bleecker Street It will be released when it opens on July 1st, both in theaters and online.


Calling this project longevity is an understatement. There are many stops along the way. Sae Yamamoto Alain She published her novel at her own expense in 2009, and in 2015 wrote the script that Emma Holly Jones heard in a blacklisted podcast. Jones rode to shoot a teaser for a short film that went online in 2019. This novel was officially published as follows: Here is the finished film shot in Ireland this year and now. It took only 13 years.

Appearance, tenor, and manners are all what you would expect from a historical drama with such high tones but medium eyebrows. This is mostly set in 1818, when everyone was clearly very nice looking and had a permanent matchmaking on the brain.Still, the title list of brides’ requirements presented by the popular Jeremy Malcolm (Ṣọpẹ ́Dìrísù). Gangster in London The TV series) seems so daunting that no woman can achieve it, but this does not stop ambitious applicants from trying. Given the proven Swiss watch-like mechanics of this genre, it’s not surprising how everything works in the end. Alain certainly spent enough time on this particular project to tweak all the little things to n degrees and accidentally leave nothing behind. This makes the movie predictable and comfortable, even though it’s still a fake Austin. ..

By extension, Jones may suggest that he is a fake James Ivory. Therefore, she carefully adopted the accepted method of approaching her classy, ​​literary and attractive material. Apart from the actor’s skin color, everything here is the same as before. People wear elaborate clothes and speak skillfully, speaking in very good language in a perfectly arranged house surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and adjacent lush forests.

Given that good breeding, connections and social tenderness are important to everything here, Alllain and Jones pay close attention to the rules of the game and appear in a decent, if not perfect, form. The short prelude is two female students, Serena (Freida Pinto) And Julia (Zawe Ashton), I swear to be attentive to each other in my life. Years ahead, now-growing women are looking to make their “best catch”, and Jeremy seems to be a challenge worth the effort with his vast fortune.

But he is an elusive companion and a fact revealed by the list of requirements. Nonetheless, the violent and more aggressive Julia quickly jumped in, and a spectacular weekend with many guests in Jeremy’s mother’s mansion was overly on the occasion she was looking to sign a deal. Give Julia worried. But it’s much more complicated than that. Allain shows the winding trapped path of her character, leading to the satisfying conclusion that Austin is familiar with Finesse’s methods.

Alan and Jones excel at form students, with all the right buttons pressed (and fixed), while introducing some fresh touches and twists, other than casting, even without inspiration. Prove that. Everything here is right there. Even if the performance is in the treble range where the performance is unstable and the subtle sounds are mainly blown by the wind, it is noisy and still fun. Alain and Jones believe that things will probably be okay if they strictly follow the 200-year-old formula to every degree. And they have.

Focus, I still remember the best Slumdog Millionaire Fourteen years ago, especially Ashton was almost overkill, but despite the naked calculations of both their characters and the writers who spoke their words, the audience still continued to cheer them on. .. The rustic visual style of this movie makes it look like you’re at home on TV.

Romantic comedy starring in the regency era Ṣọpẹ ́ Dirisu – Deadline

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