Rochester, NY has a higher murder rate than Chicago as local authorities accept police intervention

Per capita homicide rates in northern Rochester, as data show New York, But beyond that Chicago, One of America’s most notorious violent metropolises, local officials are accepting police intervention with federal support to combat gun violence.

Talking to federal officials last week, Rochester Interim Police Chief Cynthia Elliott Sullivan announced that the Federal Task Force will work over the next 60 days to curb gun violence in cities in northern New York. Democrat & Chronicle report.

“Do you agree that if the police were the answer, this problem wouldn’t happen now?” Herriott-Sullivan raised to activists at a press conference, collecting data collected by the Monroe District Attorney’s Office. Before admitting, it was determined that some suspects were released too early. Wham! report.

According to public data posted by Rochester police, there were 37 murder victims in Rochester between this year and July 12. The latest FBI data available from 2019 show that Rochester police are servicing a population of 205,769, so this year’s Rochester murder victims were 18.0 per 100,000. Higher percentage than Chicago.

Chicago gun violence killed 40 and 11 shots, including a rapper who was ambushed after being released from prison.

According to public data posted by the Chicago Police Department, there were at least 382 murder victims in Chicago between this year and July 11. According to the latest FBI data available from 2019, the Chicago Police Department is servicing a population of 2,707,064. So, from this year to July 11, Chicago’s murder victims are 14.1 per 100,000.

“It’s time for everyone to stop thinking of’us vs. them’as a community vs. police officers and start thinking of’us vs. them’as a community and as police officers vs. violent criminals,” a US lawyer said. James P. Kennedy Jr. said at a press conference last week. “As we’ve heard repeatedly today, this isn’t a problem we can stop the escape route, we’re aware of it. It’s not color, it’s stopping violence.”

“If much of this crime and violence is occurring in colored communities, aren’t those who comply with the laws of those communities worthy of being safe in the places where they live and work?” He continued. “It’s not about color, it’s about eliminating criminals wherever you are.”

Based in Buffalo and representing 17 counties in western New York, Kennedy explains how the Violence Prevention and Eradication (ViPER) Task Force can use “aggressive police” to achieve a “public security baseline.” I explained about. & Chronicle reported.

“The increased frequency of violence is only consistent with its corruption,” he said, with two 31-year-old mothers who were fatally shot in the daytime while sitting in her parked car. In Rochester on June 18, according to a newspaper speaking in front of a real Ridgeway monument.

In a statement to Fox News, Rochester Mayor Lovely A. Warren said the city has tended to have a higher per capita crime rate than other cities for decades. As a result, Rochester is the most poverty-intensive country in the country. ”

“These horse racing statistics have long provided a sense of attraction among the media, but the press continues to ignore the historical sources of these trends-the real result is to measure by number. I can’t, “the spokesman wrote.

The mayor’s office further stated that crimes and violent crimes in Rochester were at their lowest points in more than 30 years before the pandemic, but that trend was “tragicly interrupted during the social and economic upheaval of the pandemic.” Insisted.

According to her office, Warren personally knows many murder victims and “effects of these policies on the agenda of equity and recovery in the face of systematic racism and structural inequality. I am deeply committed to reversing. “

Part of the federal strategy involves investigating all individuals arrested for illegal pistols, Kevin Kelly, a special agent in charge of the Buffalo Homeland Security Investigation Office, WVIB In a follow-up interview, he added that it may be decided that federal accusations may be needed to ensure that violent criminals leave society for longer than just state accusations.

“We can’t keep a criminal on the street repeatedly,” he told the outlet.

“Your community is flocking to ATF, DEA, FBI, and HSI agents every day, endangering your life,” said a special agent of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) in New York. The official, John David, says. The field department said. “This is also our community. We are doing our best.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has been vocally criticizing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s approach to increasing crime, was quiet about the violence in the north. When Fox News contacted Fox News about the per capita murder rate in Rochester, which is higher than Chicago, a spokesperson said on July 6 that Kuomo would calm the country’s first gun violence disaster emergency and violence.

A spokesman for the governor said that Cuomo was “shooting and murdering in almost every metropolitan area throughout the state, including Rochester, reflecting the national trend of increasing gun violence. “I admitted.

“Looking at recent numbers, more people than COVID have died from gun violence and crime. This is a national issue, but because our future depends on it, someone has this issue. We need to step up and deal with it, “Kuomo said on July 6. “As we did at COVID, New York will once again lead the country with a comprehensive approach to combating and preventing gun violence. Our first step is to address the country’s first disaster emergency issue. Admit. Gun violence. When we see injustice, we don’t look the other way. Because it’s New York’s way, we stand up and fight it. “

Reuters In June, per capita homicide rates increased by 30% in 2020 in 34 major cities surveyed by Richard Rosenfeld, a criminologist at the University of Missouri in St. Louis. Murders in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago accounted for an additional 40% of the 1,268 killed in 2020 in the cities included in his investigation.

The study also found that homicide rates fell from their previous summer peak in the first quarter of 2021, but increased by 24% compared to the first quarter of 2020. The number of murders surged in the summer of 2020. George Floyd’s afterlife country.

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Warren lost in the Democratic primary in June to Malik Evans, who campaigned with federal authorities to reduce gun smuggling. Given that the majority of Rochester’s registered voters are Democrats, Evans is expected to win the November elections.

The mayor caused controversy last month when it was announced that her estranged husband was facing a federal crime on suspicion of a drug trafficking plot.

Rochester, NY has a higher murder rate than Chicago as local authorities accept police intervention

Source link Rochester, NY has a higher murder rate than Chicago as local authorities accept police intervention

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