Riyo Advertising celebrates 17 years of great success

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], July 22: Founded in 2004, based in Mumbai, Riyo Advertising stands for Reliable, Innovative, Young and Optimistic and has 17 years of success in the press advertising business and is the leading advertising agency in the country. It has emerged as one of the stores. ..

On this special occasion, Riyo Advertising would like to thank everyone, especially our clients, and add digital public relations services to our portfolio.

So far, Riyo Advertising offers the entire newspaper advertising service, with clients across categories such as real estate, recruitment, automobiles, business, obituary memorial, Thanksgiving, public law notices, DRT, bankruptcy notices and more. Can be booked instantly. Our extensive network of agencies has enabled us to provide publishing solutions in over 200 English and local newspapers across India.

Riyo’s fast and reliable service helped many companies use print media to promote their brand in local and urban markets. Agency customers include MSME, Industries Organizations, Listed Companies, Startups, Entrepreneurs, Educational Organizations, Chartered Accountants, Advocates, Builders, Developers and Realtors, Co-operative Organizations, Health care Companies, Pharma Industry, Major Research Companies, Marque Private Companies, government agencies.

Narendra Bhanushali, CEO of Riyo Advertising, explains: “After finishing my research in the mass media, my goal is not just to focus on profitability, but to enter the advertising business, which prioritizes catering services tailored to customer needs and interests. It started in 2004 with a small rental office with one computer, and since then, even after many ups and downs, thanks to the principal and these loyal clients, Riyo has spent 17 years. It has been successful and growing over time. A heartfelt relationship with the publisher and timely payments have helped us get the good discounts that are still inherited by our loyal clients. Thanks to all the great clients, it was due to the continued support and trust in our company. It would have been difficult for us to move forward well. The journey was great overall. It helped us gain a wealth of experience with market insights. ”Apart from print media, advertising products and services through online media is a need for time. Given the demands of the market, we are currently planning to expand our services through digital public relations activities that help our clients reach their target groups in a better and more cost-effective way. Public relations from a space-cost ratio perspective is much cheaper than advertising and offers immeasurable credibility. This will help clients further strengthen their business in online and print media and grow further in the future. “He added.

“Today, we have a 360-degree operating facility with a good setup that allows employees to easily perform all operations and create a seamless customer benefits business growth plan, so advertising and Growing consistently with public relations services, providing cost-effective digital press media releases, arranging interviews with CEOs and vice presidents on selected online / offline media, product launches, trade shows for corporate events Cover. “Bhanushali added more.

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Riyo Advertising celebrates 17 years of great success

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