RI Foundation | Vax Challenge: $ 750,000 Shooting for Nonprofits

The RI Gives Vax Challenge will encourage Rhode Islanders to be vaccinated each time an additional 5,000 people are vaccinated by subsidizing a non-profit organization that supports the response and recovery of general COVID-19. I urged you. As a result of achieving the 20,000 and 25,000 vaccination milestones, another 38 nonprofits from across Rhode Island received a $ 10,000 grant in the final stages of the initiative.

In the final round of the grant, the Foundation, in collaboration with Governor McKee, the Rhode Island Department of Commerce, and the Rhode Island State Health Department, awarded $ 750,000 to 75 organizations.

“Vaccination is a way to keep yourself and your family safe from COVID-19, and a way to support an important network of organizations that have helped Rhode Islanders through this pandemic,” he said. State Department. “The RIGives Vax Challenge is an important part of our efforts to increase Rhode Island’s COVID-19 vaccination coverage and strengthen the critical activities of these community-focused organizations throughout the state.”

The East Providence Boys & Girls Club is one of the non-profit organizations that received funding in the latest round of funding. Throughout the pandemic, the organization has distributed food to children and their families, providing free virtual and face-to-face tutoring, childcare, distance learning support, and virtual and face-to-face social and emotional development programs. ..

“COVID-19 has had a major impact on the youth and families we serve. Early in the crisis, our members quit school, faced food insecurity due to parental unemployment, and were quarantined. I was suffering from mental health problems caused by, “said Secretary-General Erin Gilliat. “Even when recovery begins, they continue to handle the trauma of the pandemic while striving to get involved in academic and emotional development.”

The RI Gives Vax Challenge supports public health initiatives, strengthens the steady efforts of Rhode Island’s nonprofits, and lays a solid foundation for the state to move to the next phase of pandemic recovery and response. increase.

Other recipients of Round 4 and Round 5 grants are:

Round 4

Amenity aid
Through a pandemic, Amenity Aid has provided toothpaste, soap, shampoo and other basic personal hygiene products to shelters, community centers, food distribution centers and other needy organizations.

Capital Community Center
During the pandemic, the Capital City Community Center has operated a food pantry that includes basic toiletries and household items. Early childhood programs and senior centers.

Central Falls Family Self-Sufficiency Foundation
Through a pandemic, the Central Falls Family Self-Sufficiency Foundation spread awareness of vaccination, provided vaccine clinics to residents of Central Falls and the surrounding area, and helped immunize more than 5,100 Central Falls residents.

Clothes for kids RI
Throughout the pandemic, Clothes to Kids RI has provided new and used clothing to approximately 2,500 school-aged children in Providence County.

Esperanza / Hope
Through a pandemic, Esperanza / Hope has delivered to hundreds of people in need of food and supplies, helping hundreds of people at risk of losing their homes.

Foster forward
Through a pandemic, Foster Forward provides direct support to foster parents and young adults who have completed foster care, operates a center for young people experiencing homelessness, provides food and basic human needs, and We have provided employment support and adjusted quickly. Rehousing services for people who have lost their homes.

Hopes Harvest RI
During the pandemic, Hopes Harvest collected surplus produce from local farms and distributed it to hunger relief agencies that provide emergency food to tens of thousands of people throughout the state each month.

Pagan Counseling Center
Throughout the pandemic, the Interface Counseling Center has provided counseling services to those affected by the pandemic.

Johnnycake Center in Peacedale
Throughout the pandemic, the Johnnycake Center has distributed food, provided masks and hand sanitizers, assisted in applying for state and federal assistance, and provided distance learning assistance, among other services.

Lucy’s hearth
Through pandemics, Lucy’s Hearth offers a variety of programs to help clients acquire independent living and self-sufficiency skills such as financial literacy, childcare, stress management and employment preparation, and a community on mental health and substance use issues. Connected the client to support. Among other challenges.

McCaulejye ministries
Throughout the pandemic, McCaulejye ministries have provided food and programs to address the needs of employment, mental health, education and childcare for unoccupied families. I run a thrift shop in Central Falls.

A new beginning
Through the pandemic, New Beginnings has provided information on food, supplies, toys, school supplies, and vaccination methods.

Operation stand down
Throughout the Pandemic, Operation Stand Down has provided financial support to approximately 2,500 veterans in need of housing and utilities, employment and training services, housing, legal assistance, and food and clothing.

Progressive Solatino
Through a pandemic, Progressoratino offers Central Falls and Blackstone Valley residents a variety of bilingual programs, including early and adult education, workforce development, immigration and social welfare, and urgent food and rental assistance among other services. I’ve been doing it.

Providence rescue mission
During the pandemic, Providence Rescue Missions have served more than 3,500 households a week, providing food, food boxes, clothing and housing.

Rhode Island for Community and Justice
Throughout the Pandemic, Rhode Island for Community & Justice has implemented youth empowerment programs such as workforce development, the Summer Leadership Institute, a mentoring program for people of color, and an after-school enrichment program.

We share hope
Through a pandemic, We Share Hope has provided people in need with access to food through home delivery and food pantry.

Round 5

Rhode Island Southeast Asian Alliance for Education
Through a pandemic, the Rhode Island Southeast Asian Education Union has helped raise nearly $ 150,000 and distribute it to the color community for rental assistance, tuition assistance, utility bill payments, and food. We also translate information related to pandemics into Southeast Asian languages.

Newport County Boys & Girls Club
Throughout the pandemic, Newport County’s Boys & Girls Club has provided child care, teen programming, virtual programming, and behavioral health support. We also work with other organizations to provide meals and other basic necessities to families in need.

Pawtucket Boys & Girls Club
During the pandemic, Pawtucket’s Boys & Girls Club has provided families in need with basic essentials, food, grocery gift cards and activity kits. We also provide students with programs and meals that are useful for distance learning.

Bridge mark
Throughout the pandemic, Bridgemark has provided inpatient and outpatient education, interventions and treatments to those in greatest need for social isolation, unemployment and substance use disorders.

Cartwheel RI
During the pandemic, Cartwheel RI has delivered food to home residents in Central Falls, Cranston, Pawtucket and Providence.

Centro de Innovacion Mujer Latina
Throughout the pandemic, Centro de Innovacion Mujer Latina has provided culturally relevant behavioral health services to the Latin community.

Clinica Esperanza / Hope Clinic
Through the pandemic, Clinica Esperanza / Hope Clinic has provided information on COVID-19 testing, telemedicine visits, and COVID-19 testing and vaccines. Has administered more than 125,000 vaccines and has provided general drop-in blood pressure checks, glucose screening and other health screening and educational activities.

Elizabeth Buffer Chase Center
During the pandemic, the Elizabeth Buffer Chase Center has provided counseling and clinical therapy. We have defended and assisted victims with protection orders and safety plans. I found an affordable home for victims of abuse and sexual assault.

Good Neighbors
During the pandemic, Good Neighbors provided 130 hot meals a week to residents or the elderly in East Providence with disabilities. Expanded pantry offerings to include toiletries and expanded summer programs to include a wide range of programming when children are out of school.

Residential hotline
Throughout the pandemic, the housing hotline has helped people pay for food, clothing, toys, rent and utilities.

Exciting heart
Throughout the pandemic, Inspiring Minds has provided students with programming, tutoring and mentoring.

Mentor Rhode Island
Throughout the pandemic, Rhode Island mentors have organized training and workshops on topics related to youth coaching, coordinating a wide range of support for young people in need.

Open Doors
Through a pandemic, Open Doors provides employment, housing, financial resources, and documentation assistance to those coming out of prison, living in shelters, or on the streets of communities with high COVID infections. I have provided it.

New Urban Arts
Through a pandemic, New Urban Arts has provided high school students in Providence with after-school and out-of-school programs such as arts mentorship, youth leadership, post-secondary advice, and long-term internship placement.

Pocassette Pocanoket Land Trust
Through a pandemic, the Pocasset Pokanoket Land Trust will provide food to indigenous communities, partner with colored farmers to obtain free boxes of locally produced organic fruits and vegetables, promote awareness and education of COVID-19, and practice. We have provided transportation to the clinic. For testing and vaccination.

Rhode Island Center to help people in need
Through a pandemic, the Rhode Island Center helped people in need, provided financial assistance to more than 15,000 Washington County residents, and distributed cleaning and hand sanitizer supplies.

Silver Lake Community Center
During the pandemic, the Silver Lake Community Center has provided hundreds of locals with rental and utility assistance, food, clothing, day care, after-school programming, and out-of-school tutoring.

St. Martin Depoles Senior Center
During the pandemic, the St. Martin Depoles Senior Center has served more than 300 people a week by expanding its food storage, delivering food to home residents, and providing clothing and household items.

West End Community Center
During the pandemic, the West End Community Center maintained a food pantry, delivered food to the elderly returning home and quarantined households, and distributed basic human needs and cleaning supplies.

West Warwick Senior Center
During the pandemic, the Westwarwick Senior Center provided food and food bags daily to the poor and enrolled more than 5,200 seniors for vaccination.

RI Foundation | Vax Challenge: $ 750,000 Shooting for Nonprofits

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