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A recent survey conducted in August 2021 illustrated that there are more job openings than the number of job seekers in the United States. Also, about 41% of employers are willing to adopt incentives to attract their desired workforce. Nevertheless, the only thing standing in the gap between a prospective employee or a job seeker and their dream job is a professionally crafted resume. In a Job Outlook 2019 survey, employers affirm that a well-crafted resume containing the required skills tailored after the job tops their demand while engaging in a recruitment process.

On average, only 10 percent of job applications scale through the resume stage and result in an interview. The effect of this is that an average job seeker needs about 30 to 50 resumes to secure their desired job. To shorten this process, professional resume writing services have grown massively in recent years. Most resume writing services understand the low financial capacity of job seekers, thereby ensuring that the services are cheap and affordable. On average, professional resume writing services charge about $100-400.

Executive resume services can also increase the value of professionals by drafting a cover letter and CV that suit the company’s targets.

  1. Skillroads

Skillroad is one of the most popular resume writing services on the internet. The online company was founded in San Francisco in 2017 and has since attracted a global audience. Skillroads is involved in drafting professional cover letters to give your career a well-desired upgrade. Some major services Skillroads offers include:

  • Resume and cover letter building through Artificial Intelligence
  • Accredited writers who understand employers’ demands
  • A list of interview questions and answers that employers often ask.
  • LinkedIn profile editing to attract professionals and broaden your network.

Skillroads has consistently maintained a rating of over 4.0 stars from different reviews on numerous websites. Their online service is easy to use, which contributes to its popularity among consumers. Skillroads also acknowledge the need to upgrade your CV or cover letter to a professional level within a short period, which sometimes can be within a short span of 24 hours.

Unlike most resume writing services that tend to bore you with a series of comprehensive questions to come up with a near-perfect description, Skillroads’ soft communication with consumers and their ability to develop a document that perfectly reflects your skill is a major uniqueness. The process only involves entering your preferred job title, answering a brief questionnaire to give a relevant description of your experience, identifying the skills you prefer with your job search by using Smart data sourcing and Natural language Processing (NLP) and AI.

Although the CV review is done instantly, it is still very comprehensive. Skillroads divides resume into seven sections: ATS compatibility, style&formatting, resume sections, career goals, accomplishments, relevance, first impression, and contact information. They are all tailored to give your CV and cover letter a professional outlook.

The AI writing assistant of Skillroads can recommend ideas that may be of utmost importance to your desired field or company. Other unique features of Skillroads include its form generation and citation finder through its Artificial Intelligence.

One of the few questions that have been raised about Skillroads is its style editor, which has been accused of dropping some keywords for more generic terms. However, the QA department attends to your request for a review faster than most resume writing services.

Information regarding pricing for Skillroads is not made public, but the pricing of other Artificial Intelligent writing assistants suggests that the prices are low and affordable. These numerous unique features of Skillroads make it one of the most popular resume writing services.

  1. Resume101

Resume 101 is one of the most used professional resume services online. Resume 101 is uniquely characterized by a distinctive culture of excellence despite its numerous writers across the world. Resume 101 doesn’t need an expert to navigate the simple and well-designed website. Even as a first-time user of the website, it is effortless and void of any form of complexity. The company specializes in writing a resume, cover letter, and CV. Right from their home page, the identities of their top writers are displayed to give consumers the advantage of working with their best minds.

The prompt delivery of resumes, cover letters, and CV is a massive strength of Resume 101. To provide needed assurance to customers, Resume 101 gives the option of paying after the order has been made. The absence of unnecessary delay, which could adversely affect the job hunt, is one of the reasons Resume 101 has achieved great prominence in the sector. Resume 101 also provides a professional resume sample to give customers a clue about their standard and the numerous opportunities their revamp could have on their customers’ careers.

Again, the prices of Resume 101 are uniquely tailored and depend heavily on some other factors like time and level. At an entry-level, a five-day deadline for CV writing may cost $179, while a 24-hour deadline costs $229. At a professional level, there is a slight increment with a 5-day deadline costing $199, while a 24-hour deadline costs $249. An executive CV also costs about a 20 to 40 dollar increase from the professional service. With this, the pricing appears okay, provided the deadline is more than 24hours.

Resume 101 has exceptional and professional customer support. The chat section on their website provides customers an opportunity to express themselves to the available support agent. Unlike most services within the industry, the support agent offers immediate response to inquiries and questions. Also, there are alternatives such as email, telephone, and Facebook.

Arguably, Resume 101 appears slightly expensive for an urgent need. Questions have also been raised concerning their refund policy and the absence of discounts for frequent users. However, Resume 101 makes up for them in quality delivery and earns a consumer rating of 4.57 stars from 44 reviews.


PaperHelp is an online writing resource site that specializes in writing term papers or any research writing, also and resume writing. The website has an extensive database that consists of various titles, departments, and fields. With a service that has spanned over two decades, Paper Help is one of the most popular and reliable online resource sites for students. Their papers are free from plagiarism, and the quality of their work is not frequently questioned.

A unique attribute of PaperHelp is its highly affordable pricing. Paper Help charges as low as $10 for papers though the deadline may be up to 20 days, and this option is only available at the High School level. Ph.D. level quality with a deadline of three hours also costs less than $70 per page.

PaperHelp is also consistent with their on-time delivery, which makes it highly desirable for students. Also, customer service properly handles feedback, especially if they deal with customer dissatisfaction over written content.

There is also a VIP service for those who want a special paper with a lot of attention. Although PaperHelp has slow support agents, they still earn 4.63 stars from over 1500 reviews for their quality and sustained culture of excellence.

  1. TOPResumes

TOPResumes is well-rated among resume sites. Arguably, it is the most popular resume writing service in the industry. Its high rating in the industry could be due to its early introduction of technology, making it one of the earliest in the sector to take a step further. With over 1500 writers across the globe, it is the largest professional resume writing service in the United States.

TopResume has lots of samples of resumes on their website irrespective of what your field is or the transition you’re planning to make to another field. While you may have concerns about their quality considering the high number of writers, the company has measures that filter writers who are not good enough to sustain their standard.

TOPResumes offers affordable services with three different packages. The professional growth package costs $149; the career evolution package costs $219 (probably because it includes a cover letter); the executive priority package costs $349 as it includes a cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

TopResumes also offers you an opportunity to speak to your writer via email or telephone, which may include extra charges. With such a pool of writers, you may be paired with the perfect writer that understands your demand. They have a rating of 4.42 stars from over 4000 reviews. You may not find many better services in the industry.


99papers is a very popular and unique essay and resume writing service online. A prominent uniqueness is its ability to create a relationship between the writer and the customer. 99papers offers you the option of choosing a writer, which means you can opt for the same writer if the person has delivered an excellent job previously. Another uniqueness is that customers can select highly rated writers for jobs that are considered more intellectually demanding.

99Papers is considered cheap and affordable as a page costs about $9 for 15 days. However, the price increases if you want your essay delivered within a shorter period. Nevertheless, it offers one of the cheapest services in the industry. The price is one factor that has attracted students to the site.

The customer support system of 99papers responds to inquiries. It handles complaints fast, due to those who wish to select another writer.

Another uniqueness of 99papers is its broad scope as it attends to students and tries to meet the corporate world’s demand. A 5% discount for new customers is also an attractive feature which has contributed to its large customers. 99papers has a rating of 4.59 stars from 101 reviews.


Surprisingly, quite a large number of people are still contemplating the legality of having someone write their resume for them. The argument is always the absence of referencing the author. However, when payment is made for the outsourcing, the process is legal even in police states like China and Singapore.

As much as Human Resource Managers love to label the process of having someone write your resume or cover letter as unethical, it is still within the confine of the law, which makes it legit to outsource your resume writing to a company or an individual. Outsourcing your resume is legal in the UK, the U.S., Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and other European countries. However, like in most cases, there’s just a slim line between legal and not. In this case, including false information on your resume is illegal and a breach of the employment and labor law.

While the questions of legality are easily sorted, questions about ethics have been the topic of controversy regarding outsourcing resumes and cover letter writing. But undoubtedly, many job seekers need assistance with their resumes. Employers now adopt software that filters out applications and resumes without the required keywords and metrics. The resume writing industry is simply about beating algorithms and going beyond the general stage where the software screens out most applicants.

Nevertheless, it’s also important to know that the resume writing industry is an unguarded territory by law. Anyone with a device can claim to be a resume writer. It is essential to ensure that the resume writing service company is tested and trusted. Online reviews can be a helpful guide in selecting your choice of a resume writing service company.

With the massive growth of social media, it’s getting easier to copy another person’s work, LinkedIn profile, resume, or cover letter. However, plagiarism remains a huge offense that is outside the legal domain.


It’s possible to give your resume a professional outlook without necessarily employing the service of a resume writing service company. However, you may have to familiarize yourself with the several controversies surrounding the guidelines of writing a professional resume. Questions such as the number of pages, summary, and personal interest are a few of them. Here are some general tips for drafting a professional resume.

  • Be dynamic

You may be doing massive harm to your job application process if you’ve been sending the same resume to every job you’re applying for. Every job has its uniqueness, and your resume must be tailored according to the job. Job applications require different keywords, and sometimes metrics can be identified. Employ dynamism in your drafting of a cover letter.

  • Include a summary

Your first sentence may be the main thing on your resume that gets the attention of employers. That first sentence should be a means of marketing yourself by identifying your skills. Therefore, it should indicate why you’re the best candidate for the job. In just about 15 words, your summary should present you as the real candidate they’re looking for.

  • Be organized

Ensure your points are orderly, and do not assume that your previous experience is linked to the employer’s demand if they are not directly related. In that aspect, it’s best to talk about your achievement instead of emphasizing your experience since they’re not directly related. In the second paragraph, you may win your employer over by your accomplishments rather than explaining how your experience is linked to your employer’s demand.

  • Manage the gaps

Resist the urge of occupying the gaps or time off in your career with false information. Instead, if what you did during that period is informal yet relates to the job you’re applying for, it can be included in your resume. If it doesn’t, don’t get bothered by the gaps.

  • Emphasize your most significant accomplishments

You’re likely to have some moments where you just want to include as many accomplishments as possible. However, only relevant achievements should be included in your resume. Take note, accomplishments, not responsibilities, should be your focus in preparing your resume.

  • Don’t be so conscious about the page

Your attention should not be on the number of pages, so avoid using smaller fonts that make your resume difficult to read. And do not make your resume unnecessarily wordy. Keep it short, precise, and comprehensive.


Using a resume writing service can take your career to the next level and earn you your dream job or grant you an opportunity to appear before your dream employers. A 2012 survey showed that employers look at the resume less than 10 seconds before deciding. This implies the process is all about techniques and styles. Here are some positive effects of using a resume writing service.

  • Quality is assured

Writing is not what everybody enjoys, much less writing with the mindset of using keywords and tailoring your resume to suit different job applications. The industry has you covered.

  • Identify red flags

Resume writing service helps you identify red flags, including points in your resume that can hurt your chances of landing the job. They are more updated about the latest development in drafting a resume.

  • Time management

Rather than engaging yourself in an activity that will take your time with a limited chance of success, it’s best to outsource it to people who enjoy it better.


The few problems encountered by people when using a resume writing service include:

  • Using resume writing services, especially those known for excellence, can be pretty expensive. But then, in the industry, it’s safer to avoid remarkably low prices as they may indicate low quality.
  • There’s a possibility the reason you hired a resume writing service was to give your resume some uniqueness. If that’s the goal, your resume may not be entirely different from those written by the same authors.
  • A factor responsible for different reviews is that quality can be compromised sometimes. However, it’s the need for that quality that makes you employ a resume writing service.


Many people do not entirely subscribe to the idea of outsourcing their resumes to a resume writing service due to several reasons. They could be financially incapable of hiring a service or feel it’s not rocket science. However, one huge mistake job seekers make is simply searching for a resume template online and inserting their details. There are so many things wrong with adopting this method.

Resume templates contain only basic information about yourself. They may not include other crucial information, which could be an advantage in the highly competitive job search. Employers are often concerned with the value you will be offering to their company and how your skills reflect such possibilities. However, resume templates do not provide you instructions on where to insert such crucial information.

Also, orderly arrangements of points and keywords are not often indicated in the free template downloaded from various websites. Since companies have adopted the software to filter out applications based on keywords, a free template may not take you beyond that stage of application.

In addition, you have no idea how many people have used a similar template which means your employer may just have a clue about your lack of authenticity.

Like downloading the free template, using a free writing service also hampers your job search. The resume writing service simply fills out the template with the information you’ve provided. No form of uniqueness is attached, and no rigorous attention is placed on your resume. Resume templates, also known as cookie-cutter resumes, as well as free writing services, could do more harm to your job search process. It’s best to pay for a unique resume where you can demand revision if you’re not satisfied with the drafting. Be reminded that uniqueness is essential to resume writing.


A survey conducted by Glassdoor found that each corporate job attracts a minimum of about 250 resumes. Of those 250 resumes, about four to six resumes get selected, making the job hunt a very competitive process. As the competition experiences exponential growth, the need to increase the quality of your resume to match the requirements given to your employer also increases. It has the potential to cover up temporary inconsistencies when you finally get a chance in the interview process. Outsourcing the process could be of immeasurable benefit. The touch of professionalism, the inclusion of keywords without keyword stuffing, the technique, and organization coupled with time-saving tendencies make it an excellent option. You can also find good resume writing near you with Yelp.

Nevertheless, writing it alone isn’t an entirely inferior alternative; authenticity could even be an added advantage. However, an outstanding resume only opens you up to the next stage of the recruitment process. Acquiring the skills necessary for personal development could be the real factor that can land you your dream job.

Also, a 2016 report by Jobvite Recruiter Nation shows that 87% of recruiters used LinkedIn profiles to select their candidates. While the focus could be on drafting a professional resume, ignoring other profiles could hurt your job application.

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