Resorts World Technology could be the foundation of the future of the game

The iPhone 4 was only six months old when the last newly built resort debuted on the Las Vegas Strip.

After 10 and a half years of technological development, a new property will open on Thursday, adding a number of cutting-edge technology features. We hope these features will drive Resorts World Las Vegas over the last decade or more. Resorts World executives say the project’s nature from scratch gave them the opportunity to launch with the latest connectivity and touchless technology.

Don’t miss some of Resorts World’s electronics. It is wrapped in an approximately 100,000-square-foot LED display in the west tower, another 19,000-square-foot LED display in the east tower, and a 50-foot-diameter interactive video glove. 6,000 square feet LED display. Other factors can be conveniently impressed, not size or brightness.

According to Rick Hutchins, senior vice president of casino operations and behind many of property’s technical decisions, the property’s entire “technological ecosystem” is designed with guests in mind. He and his team went “high and low” looking for the latest innovations to implement across properties.

“My goal was not just to create a digital experience, but to create a truly seamless end-to-end digital experience for guests by delivering a guest experience that is completely different from the strip and competitors.” Hutchins said. .. “And we will create something that will lay the foundation for the future of what the game will be like.”

Resorts World with your hands

You may already have the best technical tools to get the most out of your $ 4.3 billion real estate stay.

Many of the traditional guest amenities and services are available from the mobile app.The· Resorts World Las Vegas App Is a way to buy, book and play tickets on the casino floor.

“Overall, if we had a service component that normally required a ticket, card, or some form of credit card transaction as a property, we wanted to make it easily available over the phone,” said Resorts World Senior Vice President. Operations Max Tappainer said.

The resort will be the first to use a new integrated amenity booking system with UrVenue and OpenTable. Guests can book restaurants, clubs, pools, attractions, bundles, recreation and more all in one shopping cart. Hutchins said his team is “under consideration” as to whether the partnership will be integrated into the Resorts World app or as a “deep link” with the app.

Hilton Honors members staying at the Hilton Hotel, an integrated resort, can also use their phone as a room key through the Hilton Honors app.

When you open the Grubhub app at your property, you can order deliveries from the resort’s 40 eateries instead of traditional indoor meals.Resorts World is the first hotel-casino To use the Grubhub program Previously reserved for ordering food on the college campus, Property Release said.

Red, a digital concierge service, helps you secure reservations, answer frequently asked questions, and check-in and check-out guests to your hotel. Available from the Resorts World App and Properties website.

The concierge’s artificial intelligence stands out from UNLV professor Mehmet Eldem, who is studying the crossroads of technology and hospitality. Awareness as a chatbot on accommodation websites and mobile apps shows that the focus is on a smooth and convenient guest experience.

“Whenever you’re in a luxury resort or midscale, it doesn’t matter. These are the service features people expect right now,” Erdem said.

Digital standard

Based in Las Vegas, Konami Gaming has partnered with Resort World to promote cashless gaming across the gaming floor.

Konami has brought a complete game management system, SYNKROS, to the facility and “combined a competitive, first-to-market solution,” said Tom Zingori, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Konami Gaming. Stated. The management system supports phone number login and ticket-in and ticket-out table game redemption.

He also said that number pick games pop up sporadically and simultaneously on the displays of all active slot machines on the casino floor.

“The game will be activated on a unique animated journey created specifically for Resorts World Las Vegas, inviting active players to compete for progressive jackpot opportunities,” said Zingori.

He said Resorts World would set a new standard for the strip. He said the opening was “an important historic moment for our city and the global gaming industry.”

“For over 20 years, we have had the privilege of servicing local resorts. Participating in the most notable opening of the last few years on the Las Vegas Strip is for Konami and its SYNKROS system team. It’s a real thrill, “says Zingori.

Members of Resorts World’s parent company, Genting’s Rewards Program, can pay in slots with funds stored in the resort’s digital wallet.

Android users can play on the machine by holding the digital loyalty card over the card reader of the machine. Apple users can open the digital loyalty card and scan the QR code on the machine.

The resort’s technical focus extends to table games. Guests can scan the QR code at the table and play with the funds in their digital wallet. Transfer ticket-in and ticket-out vouchers between the table and the machine. According to the resort, all chips are tracked with radio frequency identification that “guarantees the accuracy of individual player gameplay.”

Guests can load money into their account using the Sightline Play + system developed by another Las Vegas-based company, Sightline Payments.

Future guests will be able to fund their accounts at ATMs.

According to executives, this is not a replacement for real money gambling. You can also pay cash at the casino’s 1,400 slot machines, 117 table games and 30 poker tables. The resort offers a physical loyalty reward card at the player service desk or one of the 10 registered kiosks.

However, Resorts World enjoys the benefits of “blank” status, allowing digital focus to launch properties instead of trying to refurbish existing old properties with new ones, Hutchins said. ..

This is Resorts World’s “number one advantage,” opening as the first strip property since the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in 2010, Eldem said. Newcomers to the market have the latest tools for navigating changes and trends in technology and hospitality. He quoted a change in attitude towards touchless payment methods rather than cash. Accelerate by Pandemic..

“The core business hasn’t changed, but these new technologies have made it somewhat easier to deliver the core business.

Screening dream

Among other high-tech facilities that guests will notice at Resorts World:

— High speed Wi-Fi.

— Wireless charging ports at guest check-in desks, some bars and other long stay locations.

— USB ports on each bar seat of the property.

Oh, and the west tower has an LED screen 340 feet wide and 294 feet high. It’s one of the largest digital displays on the planet, with Fremont Street Experience’s Viva Vision Canopy being the largest, accounting for just under half of the over 200,000 square feet of LED content across Resorts World. The East Tower display is 64 feet wide and 300 feet high, and the Property Marquee constitutes an additional 10,000 square feet of LEDs.

There are more than 122 million pixels of LED video capabilities on the premises. According to the Las Vegas-based Trustfall Production Group, interior displays are designed for clarity and durability, including “new nanocoating technology” that protects the panel from splashes and spills in the bar area.

A notable interior LED piece is a globe consisting of 8,640 triangular panels combined to form what Tappeiner called the largest video display of its kind.

“We are all screeners in the world today,” said Senior Vice President of Properties Operations. “So we bring Las Vegas an unprecedented appeal in a timely manner than on screens, and content creativity surprises you.”

Gloves in the District’s retail shopping complex will be built by Thursday, but video content will not be ready until early July.

When turned on, the 40-foot-high globe glows with dynamic, interactive images. He said the resort was with the help of two Hollywood content producers in the video for this piece, suggesting that the finished product was enough to keep guests on their tracks.

“Sure, it’s a unique moment in the United States and should be a guest trip,” Tappeiner said.

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Resorts World Technology could be the foundation of the future of the game

Source link Resorts World Technology could be the foundation of the future of the game

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