Researchers warn that the ketogenic diet is a “disaster that promotes illness.”

Lean meat is often associated with a ketogenic diet. (Getty Images)

( – Ketogenic diets may now be very fashionable, but new research warns that they may be causing long-term damage to your health. Researchers say that the reason these high-fat diets differ from other weight loss strategies also increases the risk of developing a number of different illnesses. These include heart disease, cancer, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s disease.

“A typical ketogenic diet is a disease-promoting disaster,” said lead review author Lee Crosby, RD, director of nutrition education programs at the Medical Association for Responsible Health Care. Media release.. “Loading lean meats, processed meats, saturated fats, and limiting carbohydrate-rich vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains is a health-damaging recipe.”

The team of Crosby and New York University Grossman School of Medicine, New York City Health Hospital in Bellevue, University of Pennsylvania, Loma Linda University, and George Washington University School of Medicine conducted what scientists call the most comprehensive review of the Keto diet.Their findings are published in the journal Nutrition frontier..

What is the difference between ketogenic diets?

NS “Ketogenic” diet Generally, it refers to a weight loss plan that is very low in carbohydrates, high in protein intake, and high in fat. Why does anyone think this is a healthy diet? Well, there are actually scientific reasons.

The ketogenic diet is popular for this food fuel mixture Try to cause ketosis In the body. This process activates the production of ketones, the body’s alternative energy source. What makes ketones so attractive is the fact that neurons and other cells can metabolize this energy better than fatty acids. However, a new review found that the foods that the ketogenic diet uses to achieve this can be harmful to the body over the long term.

In their findings, the authors of the study say that the ketogenic diet seems to be particularly dangerous for pregnant women and women who want to have children. The study found that a low-carb diet was associated with an increased risk of neural tube defects in babies. This increased risk remains even if the mother is taking folic acid during pregnancy.

A high-protein ketogenic diet can also accelerate the pace of renal failure in patients with kidney disease. Researchers add that diet also raises “bad cholesterol” levels for many dieters.

Ketocure-Everything can have the opposite effect

The team states that the ketogenic diet is often considered potential How to treat heart disease And even cancer.However, although some studies have found a ketogenic diet May starve cancer cells, A new report found that limiting carbohydrates actually tilts a person’s diet towards foods that cause more cancer.

“In addition to the significant risk to kidney disease patients and pregnant women, ketogenic diets are also at risk to others. These diets can increase LDL cholesterol levels and increase the risk of overall chronic disease. Because there is, “explains Crosby. “Keto can lose weight in the short term, but this approach is less effective Other weight loss diets.. “

Interestingly, the authors of the study found that the ketogenic diet may reduce the frequency of seizures in some patients dealing with drug-resistant epilepsy.

Researchers warn that the ketogenic diet is a “disaster that promotes illness.”

Source link Researchers warn that the ketogenic diet is a “disaster that promotes illness.”

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