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Republicans of Indiana propose to ban abortion with exceptions – Chicago Tribune

Indianapolis — Republican-controlled Senate leaders in Indiana proposed banning abortion on Wednesday with a limited number of — coming to the state from neighboring Ohio to end her pregnancy. A move that takes place in a political storm against a 10-year-old rape victim.

The proposal will be taken up during a special legislative session scheduled to begin on Monday, making Indiana one of the first Republican-run states after a US Supreme Court ruling overturned the Roe v. Wade case last month. The Supreme Court’s ruling is expected to lead to an abortion ban in about half of the states.

The Indiana proposal allows for banned exceptions, such as rape, incest, or to save the lives of women. But the fate is uncertain, as some hard-line Republicans want to ban all abortions.

Ohio’s so-called fetal heartbeat method prohibits abortion after cardiac activity is detected (usually around the 6th week of pregnancy), so 10-year-old rape victims will have an abortion on June 30. I went to Indiana for. , According to the doctor who did it.

Republicans in Indiana have promoted a number of anti-abortion laws over the past decade, most of whom signed a letter in March in support of a special session to further strengthen these laws. However, legislative leaders and Republican Governor Eric Holcomb have been cracking down since the Supreme Court’s decision to promote a complete abortion ban or allow exceptions.

Indiana law usually prohibits abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy and severely restricts abortion after the 13th week. The State Health Department reports that nearly 99% of abortions in the state last year occurred before 13 weeks.

Elsewhere on Wednesday, the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals should overturn the lower court and allow Georgia’s 2019 restrictive abortion law to come into force. The law prohibits most abortions in the presence of a “detectable human heartbeat”, with a few limited exceptions.

The Court of Appeals also dismissed allegations that the “personality” clause of the law was unconstitutionally ambiguous. This provision gives the fetus the same legal rights that people have after birth.

Meanwhile, in Michigan, on Wednesday, Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer put about 20 million state-funded anti-abortion movements, including a group running a “pregnancy resource center” focused on convincing abortion. Rejected some of the state budget proposals that would have sent the dollar. I will give birth.

Prior to the announcement of the proposal by Indiana MPs, the leader of the state’s most prominent anti-abortion group “confirms the value of all life, including the fetus,” without asking if there are any exceptions. It would be acceptable to tell reporters that they would put pressure on lawmakers to move the bill forward.

The majority of Indiana lawmakers “camped as a pro-life and ran multiple election cycles as a pro-life,” said Mike Fichter, Indiana’s right-to-life president.

“This is not the time for legislators to draft a bill that looks like the Roe v. Wade case is still in place,” Fichter said. “Roe is no longer installed. There is no Roe shield anymore.”

Democrats have criticized Republicans for having met personally over weeks over abortion law.

“If anything, we should spend some time preparing and strengthening our safety net before we begin to deprive the state of access to abortion care,” said Democratic Senator Shelli Yoder. Congressman said before the proposal was announced.

The state debate begins with an Indiana doctor at the center of a political storm after talking about a 10-year-old rape victim from Ohio.

A 27-year-old man was charged with raping a girl in Columbus, Ohio last week, confirming the existence of the first skeptical view of some media and Republican politicians. Opposition increased after Democratic President Joe Biden expressed sympathy for the girl when she signed a presidential order aimed at protecting her access to abortion.

Indiana’s conservative Republicans have a history of conflict over social issues. In May, they overturned Holcomb’s veto on a bill banning transgender women and girls from participating in gender-identical school sports.

It happened seven years after Indiana faced a national uproar over religious opposition signed by Gob at the time. Mike Pence, maintained by his opponent, can be used to discriminate against gays and lesbians. The Republican-controlled state legislature refused to provide the service and swiftly made amendments to prevent its use as a legal defense to prevent the law from invalidating local ordinances in the protection of LGBTQ.

Associated Press writer Kate Brumback of Atlanta and AP / Report for America writer Joey Cappelletti of Lansing, Michigan contributed to this report.

Republicans of Indiana propose to ban abortion with exceptions – Chicago Tribune

Source link Republicans of Indiana propose to ban abortion with exceptions – Chicago Tribune

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