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Republican state officials tell committee on January 6 how they resisted Trump’s pressure to overturn the election – Chicago Tribune

The Washington-House 1/6 Commission said on Tuesday that the relentless pressure of Donald Trump to overturn the 2020 presidential election was widespread, despite the “foundation of democracy”, the demands of the defeated president. I heard a ruthless and tearful testimony that it caused a great threat. Personal risk.

The panel investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 made a shocking proposal to reject or submit ballots altogether, by repeatedly relying on civilians in major fierce battle states to Joe Biden. Focused on Trump’s efforts to revoke Biden’s victory in the most local way. Alternative voters for the final tally of Congress.

The attention-grabbing pressure described as potentially illegal was fueled by the false allegations of the president’s fraudulent vote. This was dangerously widespread in the state and ultimately led directly to a deadly riot in the Capitol.

“A few election officials in some major states stood between Donald Trump and the collapse of American democracy,” said Benny Thompson, chairman of the hero and “our democracy.” I praised it as “backbone”.

The hearing was interrupted with an explanation of the personal attacks faced by state and local authorities.

Rusty Bowers, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Arizona Republican Party, said he was the subject of public smear campaigns, including relentless loudspeaker protests at home and a man wielding a pistol to make fun of his family and neighbors.

Officials in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and other states made a similar story of publicly disseminating mobile numbers and home addresses after rejecting Trump’s request.

At one point, two Georgian electoral workers, a mother and a daughter, testified that they lived afraid to say their names aloud after Trump mistakenly accused them of fraud. ..

“There were many threats to me wishing for death,” said former state electoral worker Wandrea ArShaye “Shaye” Moss.

This month’s panel’s fourth hearing comes from a year-long investigation into Trump’s unprecedented attempt to maintain power, a vast plan that the chairman of the Commission on January 6 likened to a “coup attempt.” It happened. The Panel argued that Trump’s lies to the election threaten democracy to this day, as local civil servants face ongoing threats and challengers are trying to take over their jobs.

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, Vice-Chairman of the Commission, begged Americans to pay attention to the evidence presented and declared that “America cannot be a country of conspiracy theory and violent violence.” did.

One of the main witnesses was Republican Secretary of State Brad Rafensperger. He testified about Trump’s call asking him to “find 11,780 votes,” which could turn the state over to prevent Biden’s election victory.

The Commission cannot prosecute Trump for crimes, but the Justice Department is closely watching the panel’s work.

Trump defended himself on social media and described his call to La Fence Pelger as “perfect.” This is the same as explaining the 2020 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who brought about the first impeachment.

La Fence Purger’s official testimony appeared before a special grand jury in Georgia, a few weeks after investigating whether Trump and his colleagues attempted to illegally intervene in the state’s 2020 elections. Rafence defeated Trump-backed challengers in last month’s primary.

He and his chief operating officer, Gabe Sterling, said they counted Georgia’s votes, detailing their painstaking efforts to dig into the “rabbit hole” and investigating fraudulent allegations. He said. After counting 5 million votes by hand, Biden’s victory remained unchanged.

“The numbers don’t lie,” Rafence Purger said. He said about 28,000 Georgia voters bypassed the presidential election, but voted against others. “At the end of the day, President Trump was in short supply.”

Arizona Speaker of the House, Bowers, explained that it started on Trump’s phone on Sunday after returning from church. The defeated president suggested that the state replace Biden’s voters with other voters in favor of Trump.

“I said,’Hey, you’re asking me to do something that goes against my vow,’ Bowers testified.

Bowers insisted on seeing evidence of Trump’s fraudulent voting, saying that Trump’s team had never created beyond vague claims. He later recalled what Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani told him, “We have a lot of theories, we just don’t have the evidence.”

Trump wanted Bowers to hold a hearing at the State Capitol, but Republican leaders said there was already a “circus” atmosphere in the elections. The panel showed a video footage of the protesters at the Arizona Capitol. This footage includes Jacob Chansley in a horned hat, who was later arrested in a parliamentary riot on January 6, 2021.

Nonetheless, Trump has put pressure on Arizona officials, including a follow-up call, suggesting that he expects a better response from fellow Republicans.

But Mr Bowers said the president wanted him “foreign to my existence” because of his belief, including the belief that the US Constitution was inspired by God.

Bowers called Trump’s efforts a “tragic parody.”

In face-to-face testimony, Moss, who has been working in the Fulton County Elections Department in Georgia since 2012, and his mother, Ruby Freeman, a temporary electoral worker who previously spoke to the panel, fell out of a smear. A campaign by Trump and Juliani who grabbed the audience with the explanation.

“Do you know how it feels like having the President of the United States target you?” Freeman testified. “The President of the United States is supposed to represent all Americans, and he doesn’t target one, but he targets me.”

The special committee outlined Trump’s elaborate “fake voter” program aimed at representing seven battlefields in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Several Republicans in Congress participated in the plan in preparation by January 6.

On the morning of January 6, the Commission displayed a text message from the White House Chief of Staff to Senator Ron Johnson to Vice President Mike Pence’s aide, who told Pence “Replacement of MI and WI voters.” He said he wanted to give him a slate. .. “

“Don’t give it to him,” replied Pence’s aide Chris Hodgson. And Johnson didn’t, a spokesman said on Tuesday.

John Eastman, a conservative law professor at Trump’s lawyer, pushed out fake voters in the weeks following the election. The idea was to set Biden’s Victory Waffles when Congress met Pence on January 6th, who presided over the usual ritual role for Congress to prove the election. Trump pressured Pence to reject the ballot and sent thousands of supporters to the Capitol to “fight like hell.” His efforts eventually collapsed in a deadly riot as Pence rejected Trump’s request to reject voters.

Associated Press writers Mary Claire Jaronic of Washington and Bob Christie of Phoenix contributed to this report.

Republican state officials tell committee on January 6 how they resisted Trump’s pressure to overturn the election – Chicago Tribune

Source link Republican state officials tell committee on January 6 how they resisted Trump’s pressure to overturn the election – Chicago Tribune

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