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For the DeKalb-Nashville football team, the Class 2A Championship game with Wilmington at Huskie Stadium on Friday at 1:00 pm is the school’s first state title or first state championship by the Southern Illinois team for the first time in 21 years. It’s more than a chance.

It means a kind of redo of the Hornets.

“When I played in the match in 2019, I was really disappointed because I had a really bad match that day,” said Stephen Kozzek, who lost to Newman Central Catholic 35-14. “I felt the worst in the world because I don’t know if I have a chance to get there again.”

After all, this is Nashville’s second chance. It followed an eerie path two years ago, hitting Bismarck-Henning, Pana and Decatur St. Teresa after an easy win in the first round. But the story of how the Hornets gathered to stop St. Teresa 37-35 on Saturday will not be forgotten for a long time.

They went down 35-21, recorded two touchdowns with less than eight and a half minutes left, blocked the PAT kicks that tied the game, drove the field in the last 90 seconds, and in the game of Eduardo Galivey. I set a field goal of 23 yards that I won. 3.9 seconds left.

“The roller coaster of the game’s emotions was great,” Kozzek said. “It was great to be able to do that in front of the crowd in our house. What we did is telling a lot about our kids. They panic on the last drive. It never happened. “

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The method used by Nashville (12-1) shows how the attack evolved over a long season. More than three months ago, a little question mark after losing two-year starter Cole Malawi in the quarterback, senior Korten Gagewski ran with a score of 683 yards and a score of 10 or more, to 2,128 yards. Throw 28 touchdowns.

Kozuszek has tweaked his attacks to suit Gajewski’s skills. He may not be the exact passerby that Malawi passed at its best, but Gagewski is a double threat of throwing a good deep ball. Gajewski, along with the people around him, has become very well suited for this version of the spread attack.

“The more games he plays, the more confidence he can see every week,” Kozzek said. “He helped us not only in pass games, but also in running games. The team couldn’t key off the running back.”

The Hornets attack is best described as equal opportunity. Do you want Isaac Turner not to beat you with a big catch on the field? Next, Connor Gladson (1,583 yards, 21 TDs) and Ian Brazier (520 yards, 10 TDs) will let you pay on the ground.

Would you like an extra guy to sneak into the box to shut down the running game? Get ready to hear Turner (75 catches, 1,289 yards, 19 TD) and Ben Reed (17-479-9) play chunks and the marching band play a fight song.

If you’re joining the 2000 Harrisburg team as the only state champion from the south of I-64 for all of Nashville’s explosiveness (75 touchdowns and 531-172 opponent scores), you’re probably You need to strengthen your defenses.

And the Hornets’ defenses should be ready to move with the chin straps fastened. Wilmington (13-0) threw 13 passes a year and completed 2 passes at 51 yards. But Wildcats didn’t have to throw. They ran 3,844 yards, starring Colin James (1,361 yards, 18 TDs) and Jacob Fridle (1,313 yards, 18 TDs).

“We are trying to run the ball, stop and make the team second, third and long,” said Wilmington coach Jeff Leent. “I think I played the best football in the playoffs.”

Wilmington’s Double Wing Offense is designed to defeat 4 yards at a time. The lineman takes a toe-to-toe split, which makes britting a dangerous suggestion. And it only spins the ball more than 6 times a year.

Simply put, in order for Nashville to turn its second chance into redemption and history, no one else has to do what Wildcats can’t.

“It will help to get up early and get them out of their comfort zone,” Kozzek said. “We have a chance to finish what we couldn’t do two years ago. We are excited about this opportunity.”

Ready football | Nashville gets a second chance with a 2A title | Sports

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