Railroad begins running Rajdhani Express on upgraded rake

New Delhi [India], July 19 (ANI): Western Railway introduces a newly upgraded Tejas sleeper coach rake. This represents a new era of improved train travel experience.

Enhanced smart features have been introduced on the Mumbai Rajdhani Express trains on the Western Railway. The new rake began its first run on Monday, July 19, the Ministry of Railways reported.

The Western Railway Sumit Thakur Chief Marketing Officer (CPRO) said: “Indian Railways is using Tejas SMART Coach to move to predictive maintenance rather than preventive maintenance. This latest Tejas Sleeper-type long-distance train introduction journey will improve the passenger travel experience. Another paradigm shift by Indian Railways. ”He also said that Tehas-type sleeper coaches are manufactured at the Modern Coach Factory (MCF), which gradually replaces premium long-distance trains on the Indian Railways network. ..

According to the ministry, two Tehas-type sleeper coach rakes are ready to run as the Rajdhani Express. Of these two rakes, one consists of the first type of dedicated Tejas Smart Sleeper coach introduced by Indian Railways. The new train has special smart features to enhance passenger safety and comfort. Smart coaches aim to provide passengers with world-class facilities with the help of intelligent sensor-based systems.

“Equipped with passenger information and coach computing unit (PICCU) with GSM network connection, reports to remote server. PICCU with WSP, CCTV recording, toilet odor sensor, panic switch, and other fires. It records data on integrated items: detection and alarm systems, air quality and choke filter sensors and energy meters, “the ministry added. (ANI)

Railroad begins running Rajdhani Express on upgraded rake

Source link Railroad begins running Rajdhani Express on upgraded rake

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