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Prosecutor: The robber fired 10 bullets at the injured Adjutant Iowa

This dateless photo, published by the Sheriff’s Office in Linn County (Iowa), shows Stanley Nahue in Chicago. Iowa officials released a photo on Monday, June 21, 2021, after searching for him in connection with a shooting the day before injuring a deputy sheriff. Brian Gardner, Sheriff of Linn County, Iowa, called on law enforcement officials to surrender after being shot at a gas station in Coggon, Iowa on Sunday. (Lin County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

Iowa City, Iowa (AP) —A Chicago man fires 10 bullets at a criminal deputy sheriff after shooting two employees at a gas station in Iowa and trapping them in a cooler box. The prosecution said on Tuesday that he was seriously injured.

Prosecutors said in a criminal accusation that the bullets fired by Stanley Donahue injured the left hip and leg of Linn County Deputy William Halberson, who was wearing a protective vest. After that, Donahue allegedly stole Halberson’s weapons and escaped from the Casey’s General Store in Cogon, a town about 20 miles (32 km) northeast of Cedar Rapids.

Halberson was stably admitted to the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinic in Iowa City on Tuesday. Halberson’s shooting, which has worked in the county for seven years, was the first of Linn County’s legislators on duty since 1973.

Authorities captured Donahue, 36, near Cogon after a 14-hour manhunt involving drones, planes, search dogs, and dozens of police officers on Monday afternoon. He was successfully arrested after being discovered by a television news crew who called the police.

Linn County prosecutors allege criminal charges that Donahue shot two Casey employees and stole cash and safes, cigarettes, and their personal belongings from the cash register after 10 pm on Sunday. There is. Then he locked them in the store’s cooler box.

Halberson first responded to a store alert indicating an ongoing robbery and met after Donahue entered through the front door. The complaint states that Donahue repeatedly shot Halberson and injured him before he fled to the minivan with a secondary gun.

Another agent tried to pull him, but Donahue rushed away before hitting the concrete barrier of the bridge under construction, the complaint said. He then ran away on foot and managed to evade the authorities for 14 hours.

In the minivan, investigators say they found the pistol that Donahue used to shoot Halberson. They also recovered secondary weapons and goods stolen during the robbery.

Donahue has been charged with 10 charges, including attempted murder, disarmament of police officers, one robbery, imprisonment, trafficking of stolen weapons, and possession of a gun as a serious offender. The most serious carry sentence up to 50 years in prison. If convicted of attempted murder, he must be sentenced to 100% of the imprisonment imposed and is not eligible for parole.

During a short court appearance on Tuesday, the judge set Donahue’s debt at $ 2.5 million and appointed a public defender’s office to represent him. No lawyer has appeared on his behalf.

Donna Hugh, detained in Linn County Prison, was previously convicted of felony in Illinois and Oklahoma, officials said.

Prosecutor: The robber fired 10 bullets at the injured Adjutant Iowa

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