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Sacramento, California (AP) —Governor of California Gavin Newsom launched a summer campaign to continue his work, winning a landslide victory and pushing Progressive California further to the left.

Four weeks after defeating the recall attempt, the Democratic Party signed a law requiring gender-independent display of children’s toys and toothbrushes in large department stores, making it illegal to remove condoms without consent during sexual intercourse. We will ban the sale of new gas leaf blowers and lawnmowers that have paved the way for the first time in the country.

He also made it illegal to photograph someone near an abortion clinic for intimidation, banned the resolution of secret employment with harassment and discrimination, and restricted the use of rubber bullets by protesting police. He even banned restaurants from distributing ketchup packets and other disposable seasonings unless requested by the customer.

California is one of the bluest states in the country. The Democratic Party controls all offices throughout the state and is the majority in the state legislature. The legislature often acts as a liberal policy institute that cannot be voted on in many other states. California lawmakers rarely revoke veto rights, so the governor uses immeasurable power over what becomes law.

If this year was a normal non-election year, Newsom might have been more cautious about the 2022 re-election campaign. But in early September, in just three days of 30 days when the governor had to consider the bill, Newsom convincingly defeated the Republican-led effort to expel him.

Only three days after the election, Newsom signed two laws aimed at limiting single-family zoning in California.

According to an analysis by veteran lobbyist Chris Micheli, who has been tracking the governor’s veto for years, Newsom has signed 92% of the bills he put on his desk.

Bill Hollen, a policy fellow at the Hoover Institution, a conservative think tank at Stanford University, said the result was “a mountain of progressive law and a mountain of virtual signals.”

“Traditionally, there are governors who are more centrists than Newsom,” he said. “This is a completely unthreatening governor, as there are no recalls.”

But what is considered progressive in most of the country can be considered moderate in California.

Newsom has vetoed many of the state’s left, including blocking legislation requiring state contractors to confirm that supply chains have not contributed to tropical deforestation.

He also said he needed supporters of the move, as police would disproportionately stop blacks and issue criminal tickets, submitting a bill that would legalize Jaywalking.

And he stopped a bill that would allow farmers to vote by mail in union elections. The decision made workers very angry as they marched to the French Laundry, a fine dining restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area where Newsom was famously filmed. Eat without a mask during the pandemic. The scene where Newsom issued a stay-at-home order with a lobbyist friend helped facilitate the recall effort.

In the weeks leading up to the recall, lawmakers said the Newsome administration was extraordinarily involved in the legislative process and that amendments to tailor the bill to his tastes surged. He signed a law that makes California the first state to ban workers like Amazon from dismissing workers for missing assignments that prevent bathrooms and breaks.

However, according to bill author Lorena Gonzalez, he insisted that lawmakers remove language command regulators and impose state-wide standards on reasonable speeds of work.

“I don’t think he’s gone that far … probably from someone who thinks he’s to the left of the governor,” said Gonzales, a Democrat in San Diego and chairman of the powerful House Expenditure Committee. .. “If you look at some of the bills when they started and where they ended for administrative input … you can see what’s going on.”

Legislators did not send Newsome as many invoices as usual. The pandemic restricted where and how often lawmakers could hold committee hearings, and urged legislative leaders to limit lawmakers to each of twelve bills. And since this was the first year of a two-year legislative meeting, many of the most controversial proposals were postponed until next year for consideration.

One bill would have eliminated crimes wandering around with the intention of prostitution, said law advocates targeting black women and transgender people. The bill passed the legislature, but the author has yet decided not to send it to Newsom.

Gonzales acknowledged that forcing Newsum to the issue of polarization could hurt him in the call, and believes that lawmakers “had a lot of self-regulation” during the session.

However, Los Angeles Democrat Senator Sydney Kamlager said, “Members also have ego,” and most lawmakers postponed the bill because of concerns about how it would affect Newsom’s political future. He said he wouldn’t. She said the governor was “always involved” in legislation.

“You’ll want the governor and government involved, because policies that don’t fit or can’t be implemented end up being a dream,” she said.

Next year, legislators can send Newsom’s law to regulate healthcare prices and impose COVID vaccine or testing obligations on employers. This is a decision that the governor must make during the reelection campaign. But despite protests from the Republicans, these decisions may be easier for Newsom, as the recall confirmed his political strength. Newsom defeated the recall attempt with more than 60% of the votes cast.

“Family life is becoming more difficult and expensive, but the Democratic Party is focusing on things like banning take-out ketchup packets and gas lawnmowers,” said Republican Senator Scott Will. Senator Ku said. “I hope 2022 will bring common sense to Sacramento.”

Progressive California Approves New Liberal Law Wave | WGN Radio 720

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