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The Digital Manufacturing Center (DMC) marks a new era of British manufacturing with the launch of a whole new advanced engineering and production facility at Silverstone Park.

Built from the ground up to solve complex engineering challenges, DMC leverages state-of-the-art Laminated Form (AM) processes, connectivity, and pioneering engineering to keep companies at the forefront of their sector. Allows you to do.

Overcoming the challenge of building a world-class facility during a pandemic, the 2000-square-meter facility is now fully operational. An engineering-led philosophy sets DMC to play an important role in supporting innovators across the space, aerospace, motorsports, automotive, medical, industrial, oil and gas, and marine industries. The facility combines the AM process of metals, polymers and silicones with the complementary machining, finishing and inspection of a fully connected, complete process chain.

By working closely with government industrial strategies and adopting Industry 4.0 practices and principles, DMC leverages data-connected equipment to bring gradual changes in AM functionality, quality and capacity. .. This data-driven approach allows DMC engineers to further refine component design and processes by effectively implementing features such as predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

As a leading engineering, technology and manufacturing business within Oxfordshire-Cambridgeshire Ark, DMC supports the development of STEM skills required for frontier applications. Not only does this provide new employment opportunities, but it also provides valuable support for local education, and the DMC team is already working closely with Silverstone UTC and other schools and universities.

Collaboration is an important aspect of DMC’s founding, and business collaborates with many key industry and technology partners such as Renishaw, Spectroplast, Die Mansion, DMG Mori, Enable Manufacturing, and Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC). doing.

DMC also bridges Midland and North England through close collaboration with aerospace specialist Produmax. In addition to the two businesses sharing capacity, expertise and growth, Produmax has set up a satellite site at DMC to further enhance the capacity of the facility.

Jeremy Ridyard, MD of Produmax, said: “The partnership with DMC has given us a great opportunity to expand beyond our traditional services, products and customer base. Not only do we have better geographical access, but we also incorporate the features and benefits of layered modeling. We provide our customers with an exciting process while at the same time providing DMC with extensive machining and measurement expertise. “

Kieron Salter, CEO of the Digital Manufacturing Center, said: Building and coordinating in the midst of a pandemic is not without its challenges, but the efforts of our team speak for themselves. The DMC has played an important role in enabling innovators in the UK and abroad, whether it’s a satellite launch or a rap record launch, as the UK aims to “level up” and “build better.” increase.

“We not only integrate innovative and state-of-the-art systems and equipment from across the industry, but also offer STEM work and valuable training opportunities. We focus on connectivity, machine learning and artificial intelligence. By integrating intelligence into the process chain, we have achieved Industry 4.0, providing a step change within the UK’s advanced manufacturing supply chain.

“DMC was made possible with the support of SEMLEP, a local growth fund, and great collaborators and technical partners. We are already working on some very exciting projects and they are tackling the biggest challenges. We are excited to open the door to a wider industry to help you. “

Produmax launch satellite site-YORKSHIRE BUSINESS DAILY

Source link Produmax launch satellite site-YORKSHIRE BUSINESS DAILY

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