Producers say communication with retailers and consumers is extremely important

From left: Nick Bates, Spring Air. Frank Hood, Kings Down. Bob McCarthy, resident. Mark Kinsley, Englishman.


IGH Point — 2021 At the Furniture Today Bedding Conference, executives from several major bedding resources considered last year’s challenges and opportunities in the post-pandemic environment.

Panelist Nick Bates, President of Spring Air International. Frank Hood, President and CEO of Kingsdown Inc. Mark Kinsley, President and CEO of Englander. Bob McCarthy and Bob McCarthy, Managing Directors of Retail for the D2C brand Resident, shared their views on the challenges that arose last spring. When they resumed retailing in May, they said it led to a surge in demand, but it was difficult to meet.

Bates said the reopening of retail stores wasn’t a slow start, but something like “zero to 1,000 mph” and “closed for almost a full two months.

Kinsley said supply chain-related challenges have turned into opportunities to improve communication between factory partners and retailers. “I hope it will, in many ways, bring us closer and make us all more agile,” he said.

In addition to the challenge of tightening the supply chain, Hood said it’s hard to see retailers that suppliers and sales reps don’t want to visit their stores. This has enabled a rapid transition to virtual communication and product training.

“Ultimately, we wanted to have a compelling conversation with our customers,” he said, “we were benefiting from this demand. Customers.”

Many believe that virtual communication will continue to some extent in the future, as the industry adapts not only to online interactions but also to changing travel habits.

“As things get back to normal, there are definitely some changes in the way we do business,” McCarthy said. “We jumped ten years ago in two months.”

Bates said: “It made me realize that I could do it virtually without having to go on a trip,” says Bates.

Management also said that while the focus will continue to improve comfort, customer satisfaction and customer relationships, product innovation will continue.

“As always, I think the industry continues to innovate. We may be working on it,” McCarthy said, helping retail customers traffic, tickets and conversions is key. I added that.

Kingsley said the company continues to focus on the core elements of its product line, ensuring that “what we offer makes it easy for salespeople to communicate.” ..

“In the end, our goal is to get the best sleep for our customers sleeping with our products,” added Hood.

“The proven way is to create a really important and amazing story, which is what consumers really care about,” Bates added. “How can consumers get better sleep and how can they provide better sleep?”

Producers say communication with retailers and consumers is extremely important

Source link Producers say communication with retailers and consumers is extremely important

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