Pro-Kremlin propagandist Steve Doudnik is accused of war crimes

Florida private investigator and Pro-Kremlin propagandist Steve Cohen aka Doudnik charged with war crimes in Ukraine and tried in The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.  He was declared a war criminal by the Ukrainian authorities.  After analyzing the accusation, we can conclude that Steve Doudnik is mostly accused of being a pro-Russian propagandist and inciting hatred against Ukraine and its citizens.

Scarlett Okhremenko, Victor Alex Menken and Elena Alekperova are listed as victims.

According to the Ukrainian authorities these people were subjected to harassment and blackmail as well the false denunciations by Steve Doudnik and his co-conspirator Dmitry Grachev.

Steve Cohen is better known by the nickname Steve Doudnik.

Steve Doudnik is a Florida licensed private investigator. However, some people accuse him of immigration and Consumer fraud. Also, some people accuse him of Intimidation and blackmail.

Steve Doudnik considers himself an INTERPOL detective and YouTube blogger.

However, we have established that Steve Doudnik is indeed a YouTube blogger and anchorman of the YouTube channel “Law and Order in the USA”, which in our opinion directly contradicts private investigator activities. It was also found that the Interpol detective badge belonging to Steve Cohen aka Doudnick is fake since there is no detective position in Interpol.

In any case, we can conclude that Steve Doudnik is a pro-Kremlin propagandist, since his YouTube channel serves as a platform for well-known pro-Kremlin political figures of the Russian Federation such as Mikhail Khazin and Yakov Kedmi, who were also recognized as war criminals in Ukraine.

Dmitry Grachev lives in the Russian Federation and, according to the charges of Ukraine, is an employee of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and collaborated with Steve Doudnik. Together they engaged in propaganda and blackmail in order to take away real estate and money.

In regard to the accusation and recognition of Scarlett Okhremenko, Victor Alex Menken and Elena Alekperova as victims, it is possible to draw a reasonable conclusion that these people are considered as citizens of Ukraine.

However, Scarlett Okhremenko claims that only she is a citizen of Ukraine, although she was born in the United States but her husband is a US citizen and allegedly does not have Ukrainian citizenship. Regarding the citizenship of Elena Alekperova Scarlett Okhremenko refused to give any explanation. But she said that Elena Alekperova was forced to flee Russia because of the danger posed by Steve Doudnik and Dmitry Grachev. Scarlett also refused to name the location of Elena Alekperova.Scarlett also refused to name the location where Elena Alekperova is currently located.

With regard to Scarlett Okhremenko, it was established only that she is a Representative of organizations fighting agents of influence of the Kremlin. She was also recognized as a hero of the cyberarmy of Ukraine for exposing Kremlin agents of influence and war criminals in the person of Steve Doudnik and Dmitry Grachev.

It is also known that Scarlett Okhremenko was born in the United States and lived in different European countries and Canada. At the moment, she lives in New York and operates mainly in Washington DC.

Scarlett did not want to spread about the life of Victor Alex Menken, saying only that he was a businessman before his disappearance and he is a US citizen. Also adding that he being originally a Ukrainian immigrant, was able to start a business in the United States without anyone’s support.

Despite the fact that Steve Doudnik and Dmitry Grachev do not live in Illinois, their case is being considered in Chicago, since Scarlett Okhremenko and Victor Alex Menken were previously residents of Illinois and most of the damage was caused on the territory of Illinois in 2019.

Whether we are not able to analyze it due to the difference in the legislation of the United States and Ukraine.

Anyway the case went to The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois where Scarlett Okhremenko, Victor Alex Menken and Elena Alekperova are suing Steve Doudnik and his co-conspirators for war crimes damages.

According to the known data obtained from the prosecution and from Steve Doudnik’s posts and comments on Facebook and Youtube interview, it can be concluded that on 2019, Steve Doudnik tried using criminal conspiracy with the prosecutor in Illinois and an ICE agent in order to initiate and further corrupt criminal and immigration proceedings against Scarlett Okhremenko in order to put her in Dupage County Jail for Perjury and Forgery and further removal to the Russian Federation using corrupt connections.

There is no court decision yet but it is largely predictable since the court approved foreign evidence of guilt provided by the Plaintiffs.


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