Previden provides up-to-date information on COVID-19 pandemic support

(((NewsNation Now) — President Joe Biden talked about the country’s coronavirus reaction on Thursday, where he touched on his argument. With the obligation of drastic vaccination Potential approval of booster shots.

The Biden administration’s obligation to vaccinate Employers with more than 100 workers require coronavirus vaccination or have weekly virus tests. Mandate prompted a backlash from Governor And employers as well.

Biden had ruled out such requirements before taking office in January, but decided to implement them as most people refused vaccinations and endangered the lives of others. He said he felt forced National economic recovery..

“There is no way to overcome the pandemic other than vaccination of the majority of Americans.” Biden announced an event last week to promote mandates. “I didn’t compete to do it right away, which is why I had to move towards the requirements.”

President Biden will provide up-to-date information on the country’s coronavirus response and vaccination efforts Thursday morning.

Over 100 million Americans will be eligible in the coming weeks Vaccine requirements ordered by Biden.. And his administration encourages employers to take additional steps to voluntarily impose vaccines on people and expose them to cumbersome testing requirements.

this is, The Food and Drug Administration will meet this week to discuss additional doses of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 with Moderna. Need to dispense, and if so, who should get them and when.

The White House and its top medical advisers announced in August a drastic plan to provide boosters to almost all adults, citing signs of declining protection and the subsequent surge in Delta variants. .. However, they were rejected by many experts who stated that there was little data showing whether such widespread use would prevent breakthrough infections or suppress the overall trajectory of the case.

last month, FDA Approves Pfizer Vaccine Booster Shot For older Americans and other groups who are increasingly vulnerable to COVID-19. This is part of the Biden administration’s radical efforts to strengthen protection. Delta variant Vaccine immunity may be weakened.

Adding complexity is whether it’s okay to use a different brand of booster than someone’s first shot. Preliminary results from a US government survey suggest that booster mixing and matching work at least as well — and perhaps much better for J & J recipients. According to results posted online on Wednesday, these people showed a stronger immune response when they took either Moderna or Pfizer shots as boosters than when they were vaccinated with another dose of J & J vaccine. .. Mix and match is also the subject of discussion by the FDA panel this week.

The FDA and CDC eventually reduced the use of Pfizer boosters, but officials from the Biden administration, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, eventually suggested that most Americans would be encouraged to take additional shots. I am.

Previden provides up-to-date information on COVID-19 pandemic support

Source link Previden provides up-to-date information on COVID-19 pandemic support

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