Pressure is rising on Israel to explain Pegasus relations

By John Solomou Nicosia [Cyprus], August 2 (ANI): Israel to give a convincing explanation of the nature of its relationship with the NSO Pegasus spyware system following the exposure of an international research report by a team of 80 journalists who have worked for 17 years. Diplomatic pressure is rising. Media organizations in 10 countries. Pegasus allows you to break into your cell phone or computer and listen to them without your knowledge.

According to a study led by Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International, the Israeli company NSO Group sells pegasus spyware to governments around the world, not only criminals and terrorists, but also journalists, human rights activists, gays, French President Emmanuel Macron and others. Political leaders around the world, including Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. According to media reports, President Emmanuel Macron called on Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to seek an explanation for the matter.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, who visited France last week, discussed the issue with his French counterpart, Florence Parly. Gantz told him that Israel operates in accordance with an international agreement subject to a strict license that is only allowed for sale to the government to combat terrorism and crime. He pointed out that it is the buyer’s first and above all responsibility to use Pegasus according to the license given to them. He added that France itself was a victim of a large-scale terrorist attack and was aware of the importance of such surveillance tools in the war on terrorism.

A Pegasus survey bought spyware and purchased Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Rwanda, Hungary, India, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates. Journalists were able to use the Pegasus system to identify more than 1,000 people in 50 countries monitored by the government. The list includes 189 journalists, about 600 politicians and government officials, 85 human rights activists, 65 business managers, and several government ministers and government leaders.

The Pegasus software was targeted by the Financial Times editor Lula Carafe, Middle East Eye Turkish bureau chief Lagip Soil, an Egyptian diplomat, and the son of the murdered Washington Post columnist Jamal Kashogi. did. In Istanbul in October 2018.

Pegasus can break into a phone without the victim doing anything or opening a link or message. You can steal emails, call logs, user passwords, contact information, photos, videos, recordings, social media posts, and browsing history.

Under the arms trading licenses granted by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the NSO legally exports software, some governments and the world media have the nature of the relationship between Naftali Bennett’s new Israeli government. I asked you to explain. NSO Group prospered for 12 years as Israeli and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In the United States, the US administration declined to comment on the case, but called on four influential Democrats to consider putting the NSO Group on the export blacklist in the Biden administration. It was put under control.

In an article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on July 20, journalist Amitai Ziv said Benjamin Netanyahu’s 2016 trip to Rwanda, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, Hungary and Mexico in 2017, India in 2018 and Saudi Arabia in 2020. Lists a semi-secret visit to. Jib says Israel’s relations with these countries have improved significantly in recent years.

Ziv adds: “On each of these trips, Netanyahu announced” the development of interrelationships, “and he was accompanied by a delegation of businessmen on the plane. According to official reports, they came from areas such as water and agriculture. The Israeli state seems to have been proactive in encouraging Israeli cyberweapon companies, first and foremost, to operate in these countries, despite problematic records of democracy and human rights. On July 28, Israeli Ministry of Defense officials said Herzliya’s NSO Group. The company denied reports of the attack, saying authorities had “visited” the site rather than attacking it, claiming that “NSOs are operating in full transparency with Israeli authorities.” NSO employees have informed them that the company has suspended the accounts of several international government clients to investigate possible misuse.

In addition, NSO is currently investigating each target and account listed in the research report to see if the use of monitoring software violates the terms of the agreement. NSO’s cyber tools are to be used only to prevent terrorism and serious crimes, not for diplomatic purposes or to track dissidents.

Very surprisingly, the Pentagon has licensed some spyware use, even though the Israeli government should have known about the Pegasus spyware issue and the war on terror. Is silent about the fact that it has given to the government, perhaps using the system to spy on enemies and opponents.

Eitay Mack, a human rights lawyer and activist, said: Obviously, past experience does not cause optimism, regardless of the spyware produced by the Pegasus revelation. (ANI)

Pressure is rising on Israel to explain Pegasus relations

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