Pope celebrates Maundy Thursday with the exiled Cardinal

Vatican City-Pope Francis celebrates the surprise of Mass on Maundy Thursday with the Cardinal who fired last year and celebrates the Last Supper of Jesus with the apostles before being crucified. I made a special gesture to the Cardinal.

The news of the celebration at Becciu’s private chapel was confirmed by Becciu’s private secretary. In addition, a longtime friend who had been in contact with Bechiu after the Pope’s visit said the Cardinal was “very happy” with the meeting. Vatican officials said they could not confirm Francis’ private initiative, but added that “such paternal gestures do not look strange on a day like today, Maundy Thursday.”

This visit has a very symbolic weight, and Francis may have noticed that Bechiu’s paperwork was mishandled. Francis has long valued Maundy Thursday’s service as a ritual of repentance and service.

Francis forced Bechiu to resign on September 24, and Bechiu is holy to the parish charity managed by his brother, believed to be included in an unpublished article in the Italian news magazine L’Espresso. He acted on the allegation that he sent 100,000 euros with the funds of the seat. ..

Becciu admitted that he had sent the money to a charity rather than his brother and told reporters he did nothing wrong. The money never came out of the parish bank account.

At that time, Bechiu was second in the Vatican State Department and enjoyed full authority to manage the sector’s substantial asset portfolio, including its use for charitable donations.

Becciu filed a € 10 million defamation proceeding against Pope and filed a report and several other months of damaging articles citing an unnamed Vatican prosecutor, praising his reputation. Ruined and eliminated the possibility of becoming a pope.

Francis was able to celebrate his service with Bechiu after canceling his participation in the Vatican’s official Maundy Thursday Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica and instead delegated it to the Dean of the Cardinal University.

The Vatican did not explain why Francis skipped the official service. Francisco traditionally went to prisons and refugee centers for Maundy Thursday worship. This usually involves a foot-washing ritual that symbolizes Jesus’ willingness to serve others.

Since the expulsion of Becciu, Vatican criminal prosecutors have been increasingly criticized for investigating numerous allegedly corrupt financial transactions. They are suffering from a series of defeats in foreign court rulings that the investigation is illegal, the arrest warrants are unenforceable, and the demands for seizure of assets are full of misrepresentations and omissions.

Pope celebrates Maundy Thursday with the exiled Cardinal

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