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Canada: Pop-up ads and mouse trapping

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Pop-up ads

Pop-up ads are used to get the attention of consumers. Pop-up ads are windows that the user does not start on the user’s computer screen when the site is loaded. Users who click on the pop-up graphic are usually redirected to another website. This type of advertising is classified as a villain in the marketing world.

To date, it is generally accepted in US proceedings that such advertisements are not undesirable. Similar results have been obtained in the United Kingdom.

Mouse trapping

Mouse trapping is an offensive technique used by some website operators to keep users on a particular website by disabling browser functionality or flooding users with pop-up ads. ..The user is on the browser display screen[戻る],[進む],or[閉じる]If you try to leave the site using the button, a new window will automatically open and your browser will not be able to leave the site. To end this loop, the user must close the internet connection or restart the computer.

In a proceeding filed by the US Federal Trade Commission, John Zuccarini argued that the practice was a deceptive and unfair competitive practice, and John Zuccarini argued that it would circumvent or interfere with consumers on the Internet in this way. Forbidden. Zuccarini registered an internet domain name that was a misspelling or a version of a legitimate domain name-a typo. As a result, when consumers reached one of their sites, they couldn’t exit that site.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject. Expert advice should be sought for certain situations.

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Pop-up Advertising and Mouse Trapping-Media, Telecom, IT, Entertainment

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