Poor vaccine communication poses an urgent risk

As Delta variants continue to spread in the United States, general conversations about who is at risk are very likely to get out of hand and get worse.

What we are seeing: Even as experts and officials try to put the risk of vaccinated Americans into the context, the world is still collecting data on vaccine efficacy. They don’t have to be surprised to reassure the majority of vaccinated Americans. that is They are at risk of loosening their vigilance.

News promotion: Public health experts spent the weekend trying to reassure vaccinated Americans that they were not at high risk of coronavirus infection and were not at risk of hospitalization or death.

  • But at the same time, researchers around the world are trying to determine how effective the vaccine against severe illnesses declines over time. Some countries are promoting booster shots for immunodeficiency and the elderly.
  • Israel Recommended People with immunodeficiency and those over the age of 60 will receive a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine, and Germany will begin providing boosters to the elderly and those at risk in September. AFP report..
  • U.S. officials Think more and more At least some Americans will need booster shots in the coming months, and Pfizer too Insist publicly For boosters.

Line spacing: The risks for vaccinated nursing home residents and older Americans, especially those who received early injections, can be significantly different from those in their unhealthy vaccinated 20s.

  • Number of Nursing home cases are increasing, In some cases, 2 out of 10 inhabitants have not been vaccinated, 4 out of 10 Nursing home workers are not.
  • But groundbreaking cases are even more problematic in nursing homes. Tweet Ashish Jar, Dean of the Browns School of Public Health. “”[Nursing home] The inhabitants were one of the first to be vaccinated. Based on Israeli data, their immunity may be weakened.
  • “And second, they are vulnerable and often frail,” he added. “Therefore, breakthrough infections, which can be troublesome for healthy people, can be very serious for frail people.”

World of science Is trying to collect and interpret new data in real time, but it is difficult to successfully convey subtle data to anxious and frustrated people.

  • However, data on delta transmission rates are not well communicated.
  • “The Biden administration’s response to the Delta Surge has confused and frustrated Americans, fostering media overreaction and political manipulation,” Axios said. Mike Allen wrote On the weekend.

Conclusion: Vaccines work very well, including for Delta, and vaccinated people are at much lower risk than unvaccinated people.

  • But that doesn’t mean nobody Who is vaccinated is at risk, and that also does not mean that someone’s risk cannot change over time.

Poor vaccine communication poses an urgent risk

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