Police give a Missouri boy a new puppy after he is killed

ST. Charles, MO (KTVI) — The St. Charles police station surprised a boy who ran more than two weeks ago with a new puppy.

Jayden Williams was walking his dog when he slipped off his collar and came across traffic. When that happened, the 12-year-old dad was working, but St. Charles City Park Ranger Robert Norris arrived to help.

“A little boy came to me and said,’I need help. Save the dog.’ The dog was in the middle of the street, “Norris said.

Jayden’s dog was hit by a car and couldn’t survive. Norris could say that Jayden was distraught, but said he was trying to be brave through his tears. He called his commander to see what they could do for the boy.

The story began to spread throughout the St. Charles police station and they contacted 5 acre animal shelter..

The city’s police station, animal management, and community development were banned together and raised funds for Jayden to get a new dog. There was also a Cardinals ticket and a Nintendo Switch.

“It’s a conservative expression to say he’s excited,” said Ashley Michels of the St. Charles Police Department. “I needed to suppress some serious emotions here.”

Jayden named his 12-week-old puppy an angel.

“I’m very proud to be part of this organization for these days. There are quite a few hearty people out there, so if you see them, thank them a bit!” Michels said. Said.

Quincy Williams, Jayden’s dad, said he was grateful for showing his kindness to his son.

“Honestly, everything they did for me is incredible,” he said. “I had a hard time for a while, but he smiled on his face and did what he couldn’t do now.”

Police give a Missouri boy a new puppy after he is killed

Source link Police give a Missouri boy a new puppy after he is killed

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