Pokemon GO maker Nyantic acquires Scaniverse, a 3D scanning iPhone app

Niantic has acquired Scaniverse, a 3D scanning iPhone / iPad app, with the goal of creating realistic 3D maps of the world.

As reported by TechCrunch, Scaniverse “will remain in the App Store and will continue to be supported as a standalone app.” Features previously available in the subscription, such as high-resolution processing and support for exporting models to other 3D software, will be free.

According to the publication, “One of Niantic’s goals is to build an endlessly evolving 3D map of the world’s details, which is true if the world adopts something like AR glasses. It’s a step that is considered the basis for a rich augmented reality experience. “

Niantic hopes that augmented reality will improve over time, and games rely on it, so the company is driving the creation of realistic 3D maps of the world.

For example, Niantic launched in 2020 AR mapping function for Pokemon GO users At several pocket stops around the world. This allows players to receive some rewards when scanning Poké Stop according to the following four points:

  • A 20-30 second scan that holds the Poké Stop in the center of the frame and is displayed from top to bottom within the frame.
  • Maintain a consistent speed and distance between you and the object.
  • If possible, walk 360 degrees completely around the pocket stop. Even if you can’t walk around, it works at 180 degrees.
  • Poké Stop scans taken in different environmental conditions (lighting at different times of the day, different types of weather, etc.).

Apart from that, Niantic has partnered with several major companies and franchises to create AR games.This is Nintendo and Pokémon GO and Pikmin game, Harry potter,Moreover Transformers Similarly.

The company is also partnering with Microsoft to work on mixed reality. As announced in March..

Niantic is also said to be developing its own competitor to Apple AR Glasses. According to tweets from Tweets, Niantic may be developing its own AR glasses in partnership with other companies.

Others ScaniverseIn 2020, the company also acquired another 3D mapping space company, It’s not yet decided what this will be, but Niantic is betting heavily on AR.

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Pokemon GO maker Nyantic acquires Scaniverse, a 3D scanning iPhone app

Source link Pokemon GO maker Nyantic acquires Scaniverse, a 3D scanning iPhone app

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