Photos and videos of celebrities from the burial of Obi Kubana’s mother

The burial ceremony of the late Ezinne Uche Iyiegbu (Odoziaku), also known as Mama Cubana, the mother of the founder and chairman of the Cubana Group. Obinna Iyiegbu, also known as Obi Cubana, became a festival and carnival after showing glitz.Celebrity guests attending, expensive Gift And the social media buzz and enthusiasm that swallowed even the recognition of Wiskid’s birthday on social media.

ObiCubana’s Mother’s Burial has closed a social media space in Nigeria. All Nigerian social media platforms have focused on what happened at the exsequiae.

The story of the town’s exsequiae included friends and wishes, the Creme de la Creme of society. To the hometown of the nightlife boss in Oba, Anambra. The week-long burial ceremony saw the presence of star football players, actors, comedians, politicians, businessmen, and the “Big Boy.”

This is a list of all the celebrities who attended the burial of Obi Kubana’s mother

The guest list of Mama Kubana’s burial was extensive, with people from all disciplines attending the ceremony. We have carefully selected the list of celebrities on the guest list.

Celebrity Birman aka Kubana Chief Priest

Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu is from Imo, Nigeria. He is a Moet and Hennessy brand influencer and a brand ambassador for Mikano Motors, Bullets and Giri Nigeria. He is also the owner of the De angels Bar and grill in Owerri, Imo.

Cuban residents created a magnificent entrance to the exsequiae with a trailer of 46 cows as part of a donation to their boss, Obi Kubana, before parting in September 2020.

Kubana Chief Priest’s “This year’s burial ” It was a spectacular and unusual feat.

E-Money and Kcee

Five Star Group Billionaire Emekao Conkwo, also known as E-money’s chairman and his brother, Nigerian artist Kcee, whose real name is King Three Chin Weikeo Conkwo of Limpopo’s fame. I also attended the exsequiae. The duo is from Uri, Anambra, and is a close friend and colleague of Obikubana.

Joe With The

Joseph Ez Okafor Jr., CEO of Jezco Oil and Gas, stylishly decorated the exsequiae. A young billionaire in her early thirties is Obikubana’s best friend and business associate. As part of his contribution to the burial of Mama Kubana, Joey Zaza donated 10 cows to the ceremony. Jowi Zaza is from Ekwulobia, Anambra.

Kanayo o Kanayo

Nigerian veteran actor Anayo Modestos Onyekware, also known as Kanayo o Kanayo, also decorated the event. His attendance was a surprise to most Nigerians as he flaunted a bunch of cash he intended to splurge at the ceremony.

He also posted a video joking to the women leaving their boyfriends to attend the ceremony. The veteran actor is from Mbaise, Imo and is also a friend of Obi Kubana.

Alexx Ekubo

Nollywood actor Alex Ekbo was also present at the burial of Obi Kubana’s mother. The actor from Alochuk, Abia, Nigeria, was also part of the circle of invited guests and friends of Obi Kubana, so he had a good time showing off all the fun he had at the ceremony.

Kelechi Iheanacho

Star soccer player Kelechi Iheanacho is one of the longest celebrities in the burial of Obi Kubana’s mother. Leicester City players from Imo are also part of Obikubana’s circle of friends.

Emmanuel Emenike

Anambra-born star striker also attended the exsequiae. A soccer player who is also part of Obi Kubana’s friends has reappeared, not wanting to miss all the festivals.

Subby Michael

Popular Nollywood actor Zubby Michael, also known as Azbuike Michel Egu, also graced the occasion in a spectacular style. The actor from Anambra was a friend of Obi Kubana and visited Oba to support him. The actor who recently allowed an interview claiming to be Nollywood’s wealthiest actor posted a video of his “action” at the ceremony.

Jnr Pope

Another popular Nollywood actor who decorated the burial of Obi Kubana’s mother Pope Obmunemeodon Wod Also known as Pope Jnr. The star actor is one of the celebrities on the long list of celebrities invited to the ceremony as part of a circle of friends of the mogul. Jnr Pope was born in Bamenda Cameroon, but is from Ukehe, Enugu.

Prophet Chukwemekao Dumeje

One of Nigeria’s most controversial ministers, Chukwuemeka Cyril Ohanemere, also known as Odumeje Indabosky Pahose, did not miss the opportunity to attend the exsequiae.

A pastor and gospel singer from Imo, he can be seen hanging out several times with members and associates of the Kubana group. He played his song at one of various events, such as the Carnival, which took place after the concentration camp of Mama Kubana. The minister shared his video at the event.


Although not fully recovered from the deaths of a friend and aide a few days ago, David Adelaek, also known as David, who has a very close relationship with Kubana’s chief, and thus Obi Kubana, landed in Oba, Anambra. And appeared in the ceremony. Born in Atlanta, USA, David was born in Osun and performed in front of an excited crowd in his hometown of Obikubana, representing the Osun people at ceremonies.


Nigerian superstar singer and entertainer Dapo Oyebanjo, also known as Dbanj, was also present at the burial of Obi Cubana’s mother. Dbanj from Ogun State performed at the ceremony, which greatly pleased fans and guests.

Ubi Franklin

Record label boss, artist manager, PR officer Ubi Ekapong Ofem, also known as Ubi Franklin, was also present at the burial of Obi Cubana’s mother.

Originally from Cross River, Ubi, a special adviser to the Governor of Cross River, arrived in Oba at the E-money and Kcee companies.


Star Nigerian rapper Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike, also known as Phyno Fino, also graced the ceremony. Born in Enugu and from Anambra, the rapper is a close companion to Obi Kubana. During the ceremony, Fino was found sharing a heartfelt hug with David.


Nigerian star reggae dancehall singer Patrick Naemeka O’Collier, also known as Patoranking, also attended the burial of her late mom, Kubana. An artist from Ebony is one of the entertainers associated with Obikubana. He shared a video on Phyno Fino’s Instagram story with him relaxing after eating pepper soup at the ceremony.

Photocredit: Patoranking, Source: Instagram


Shoki Crooner, Esegine Allen, also known as Orezi, is one of the many celebrities who decorated the burial of Obi Cubana’s mother. The singer arrived on a private jet chartered with other individuals. You can see Oreji from Delta, and he has been active in the Obikubana circle.


Nightlife boss and politician Shina Abiola Peller was the CEO of the Aquila Group and the owner of Club Quilox. Both Synapeller and Obikubana are business associates as they both own the largest nightclubs in Lagos. Originally from Oyo and a member of parliament, Sina Peller is one of the prominent non-Ibo guests at the ceremony.

Photo provider: @Shinapeller. Source: Instagram

Orakun Ru Churchill

Churchill Group founder and businessman from Ondo, Orakunru Oradunni Churchill, said:This year’s burial“. A businessman who has failed to marry Tonto Dikeh and is familiar with news headlines and gossip blogs because he recently married Roselyn Mueller. At the burial of Obi Kubana’s mother, he did not hesitate to show that he was having a good time as a Yoruba among the Igbos.

Igwe 2pac

Actor, rapper and comedian Charles Okocha, also known as Igwe 2 Pack, also known as Anambra, Amon Shine has been a longtime close companion to the Cuban group. The entertainer shared a video of himself and others on his way to Oba, Anambra for a burial ceremony.

Photo by: Charles Okocha, Source: Instagram

Williams Uchemba

Williams Ukemba, a comedian, actor, philanthropist and child actor of Nollywood, also celebrated Mama Kubana’s exsequiae. Originally from Imo, Williams arrived in Ova on a chartered private jet to show his support for his close companion and respected “brother” Obi Kubana.

Tana Adelana

Nollywood actress Christiana Nchemdilim Egbo Adelana, also known as Tana Adelana, was also on the guest list. The Nollywood actress is from Enugu and attended the ceremony with electronic money and his wife. She shared a clip of the event on her Instagram story.

Photocredit: Tana Adelana, Source Instagram


Chukwuemeka Okoye, also known as Frodd, was just an ordinary man until fate smiled at him, and he made his way to the Big Brother Nai Reality TV Show Season 4. And I became a finalist as the second runner-up. One of Nigeria’s biggest entertainment shows, the BBN show has been on the rise for young people since it spotlighted Frodd and appeared in the fourth season of the 2019 show.

Originally from Anambra, Frodd is currently collaborating with Obi Cubana at the weekly Nighlife show at the Pablo Cubana club in Lagos. And he sprinkled a bunch of cash on his boss and business partners, so he didn’t hesitate to show off during the ceremony.

Poco Lee

Commonly known as Pocory, Iwe Pascal is a celebrity dancer and ritual master. A young man from Oruru, Imo, attended a ceremony hosted by a nightlife boss as a way to show his support for Obi Kubana. Poco Lee considers Obi Kubana to be his boss.


Veteran soccer player Kanu Nwankwo also celebrated this opportunity. Nwankwo Kanu from Imo is one of Obi Kubana’s friends and is honored to be invited to appear and support him.

Photo provider: @ chummychocolate, Source: Instagram

Senator Ekunife

“Only celebrities in the entertainment field”This year’s burial. ” Nigerian political celebrities also attended the exsequiae as guests. One of them is Senator Uche Lillian Ekunife, Senator Anambra, who attended a funeral at the Anglican Church of St. Paul in Oba, Anambra. The 50-year-old senator is considered one of the most active female senators, and she represents the people of the Central Senate district of Anambra.

Photo provider: @obi_cubana, Source: Instagram

Obi Cubana shared a photo of Senator in an Instagram story during a church funeral. Thank you for her existence.

Abba Carry

As mentioned earlier, the burial of Obi Kubana’s mother attracted people of all disciplines. One of the most notable guests is the police and the police deputy secretary, Abba Carri. An inspector of the Nigerian Police Intelligence Team (IGP-IRT). The police chief, also known as the Super Cop, was born in Maidu Gribolno. He greatly congratulated the opportunity to surprise the Nigerians. Abba Carri is not only a northerner, but also a Muslim. It is even more surprising that he proudly attended the ceremony and appeared to be the only northern Muslim who posted videos and images of himself and Obi Kubana at the ceremony.

Social media reaction to the burial of Obi Kubana’s mother

When a carnival-like burial was held in Obana Nambra, Nigerians on social media saw a clip of the ceremony and, as expected, responded to the spectacular “burial of the year” in different ways. Most wanted to be in the field, others posted praising the personality of the obi Kubana, and others longed to be able to afford such glitz. The ceremony was generally enjoyable for most people on social media and provided some kind of “hope” to young people who vowed to never be poor.

The ceremony also included a cheerful commentary on the number of cows and the caliber of wealthy men.

Facebook users write: The cows couldn’t kill one to answer Ogbuefi, so they reached Cuba Naturn and went to buy 46 cows. What do you call him now 🤔

Another user wrote: When my grandma dies, they slaughter six cows and the villagers look at the money and shout.

What do they say if they see this?

Yet another user wrote: Omo hustle o … Now you can get a Power Hire DSS as a security detail even when you’re not in government …😁😁😁

Photos and videos of celebrities from the burial of Obi Kubana’s mother

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