Phillies, Mets open 4 game series with doubleheader

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The final day before the All-Star Break was just the right time for the New York Mets on Thursday. The New York Mets had to reset the bullpen that was overworked due to the depletion of rotation.

The Philadelphia Phillies could have needed more of the final day of the first half after a turbulent two-game span for all the wrong reasons.

Mets and Phillies will start pushing for the All-Star Break on Friday afternoon. At this time, National League East rivals will play a doubleheader to start the four-game series in New York.

Right-handed Taijuan Walker (6-3, 2.42 ERA) and left-handed David Peterson (2-5, 5.31) will take the Mets mound. The Phillies have not officially announced a starter, but right-handed Aaron Nola (5-4, 4.22) and left-handed Matt Moore (0-1, 7.36) will pitch in that order.

Mets saved a four-game series split with the Atlanta Braves on Wednesday with a 7-3 victory.

The Phillies lost to the Washington Nationals 13-12 on Wednesday afternoon, wasting a five-run and four-run lead.

Tyler Megil was solid on Wednesday night with his big league debut (2 runs in 4 1/3 innings), but added a short start to the recent workload of the Mets rescuers. Counting the bullpen games in the doubleheader backend against the Nationals last Saturday, reliefs account for 23 1/3 of the last 46 innings New York has pitched in the last six games.

“We were very short,” said Mets coach Luis Rojas after Edwin Diaz scored his last five outs on Wednesday. “They are leaving their arms there to win.”

Weapons weren’t the only thing discussed in the Phillies’ two-game sweep by the Nationals. Within 24 hours after manager Joe Girardi repeatedly asked the referee to check Washington’s ace Max Scherzer for foreign objects, he appeared to have challenged someone in his opponent’s dugout. After that, I left. 9-5 and 12-11.

Phillies has lost 6 out of 8 since exceeding .500 in this month’s solo time on June 13. Philadelphia will be closer to the last place than first place on Friday.

Phillies right fielder Bryce Harper said, “You can switch quickly and get 9 out of 10.” “We are at the moment when we need to do it and start winning the game on the road. Let’s start winning the game at home. Let’s start winning the game we are supposed to win. And , You won’t lose a game that we shouldn’t lose. “

When Mets lost to the Nationals 5-2, Walker lost on Sunday after surrendering four runs with 10 hits in 6 1/3 innings. He started his three careers with the Phillies and was 1-0 at 3.31 ERA.

Peterson didn’t consider the decision last Saturday when he allowed more than one 42/3 inning with a 5-1 victory over Washington in New York. He started four times against Phillies and was 1-1 with 6.88 ERA.

Nora didn’t consider the decision last Saturday when Phillies defeated the San Francisco Giants 13-6 and gave up six runs in the 21/3 innings. He started 18 times against Mets and was 8-3 with 3.36 ERA.

Moore became active from the injured list on Wednesday after spending a month on the shelves due to back cramps. He started 4 times against Mets and was 0-2 with 6.50 ERA.

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Phillies, Mets open 4 game series with doubleheader

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