Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Center Rescues Eastern Screech Owl Family

Norristown, PA-“We are here to undo the damage humans do to the environment,” said wildlife rehabilitation and lifelong animal lover Rick Schubert.

Schubert, Secretary-General of the Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Center, has seen increasing animal injuries associated with spotted lantern fly killing tapes aimed at protecting trees.

Woodpeckers, nuthatch, and squirrels are in a crowd caught while crawling up the trunk. However, last weekend, three Eastern Screech Owls were caught in a trap.

The family who found the injured bird made the right decision by calling PMWC at 267-416-9453, which says Schubert should always be the first step.

“I took the animals to the operating room. All three were placed under anesthesia and slowly surgically removed from the tape,” Schubert said. “Take us for about an hour.”

Rehabilitators like Schubert need to handle wildlife very accurately. As a result, they discourage communities from trying to get rid of birds on their own.

Jackie Kent, PMWC’s Director of Education, provides further advice.

“Stress is the biggest murderer of animals brought in,” she added. “So if they are already taxed by their injuries, please do not water or give them, as it can actually sometimes harm their internal system. . “

Kent adds that he can help some animals before they get injured. She discourages the use of spotted lantern fly tape, but recommends a quick fix to limit the victims to nominal pests.

“We recommend wrapping it in a metal mesh-like hardware cloth that you can buy at home improvement stores,” she said. “It can be very helpful in keeping those animals from getting stuck or getting stuck so badly that they can’t be repaired.”

For more information on handling injured wildlife, call the Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Center (267-416-9453) or website..

Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Center Rescues Eastern Screech Owl Family

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