PDF to Fax? CocoFax Provides the Reliable Solution Online

If you are thinking of converting PDF to Fax with the most minimal effort required. Then eventually, you are in the most right spot to do so. Today we will introduce you to such a tool by using which you can make your work more facile.

Not only can you convert PDF to Fax, but this tool has a lot more to entertain you with. It has all the faxing-related features which anyone could require.  It will reduce most of the manual work.  Also will cut off the paper usage. Just stay with us till the end to get to know everything about this valuable tool.


CocoFax is a tool to provide next-gen technology to its users. It allows users to send and receive faxes with utmost security and efficiency. CocoFax has performed an incredible job by providing faxing service over the internet as it subtracts the requirement of having a fax machine so anyone from anywhere can fax.

PDF to Fax? CocoFax Provides the Reliable Solution Online

Moreover, CocoFax also holds a good profile on an authority review platform, G2. It has been ranked as the leader of all the online faxing software currently available. People around the world are using it. Over 200,000 individuals and organizations are availing of its reliable services.

PDF to Fax CocoFax Provides the Reliable Solution Online


CocoFax allows faxing from various platforms as the user can send a fax from the web app or go for windows software, either the Mac app or the Android app. It all depends on the convenience and reliability of the client. CocoFax provides the same sort of services on all the products.

CocoFax has the ultimate goal to provide convenience to its users, so it makes sure that whatever facility it is coming up with is easy to understand and proceed with. Every single command it gives to the client is very understandable, and anyone with the essential know-how can proceed with it. Give a visit to the homepage of CocoFax to learn more about it.

PDF to Fax

While having CocoFax at your side, there is nothing to be concerned about as it easily converts a PDF into fax. It may appear a bit tricky, but with CocoFax, it’s elementary as CocoFax’s online fax service will translate the PDF information into a readable signal. All you have to do is to follow the following commands, and you will convert your PDF to Fax.


Create an account at the official website of CocoFax and provide the basic information which it asks about. Also, you can select the fax number of your choice.


Once the account is created, select the method of faxing. CocoFax’s online fax service will itself convert the PDF into readable fax, and you will be eligible to send it anywhere you want to.


Once you are done preparing your fax, add the details of the person you want to send, preview your fax, and send it away by clicking the send option.

Adaptable Faxing Solutions

CocoFax doesn’t discriminate its services based on the size of the business. It does not have any impact on the services it provides. Whether your business is a high-profile large one or just a startup, the user will receive the services according to the plan he chooses to avail.

Subscription Packages

CocoFax has packages to cover up the needs of all the businesses. Every business and individual will find a perfect plan for himself. The plans range from Lite, Basic, Premium, Business, to Enterprise.

All these plans are different in the prices and the services. You can check the details on the official website of CocoFax. And if something intrigues you, you can contact customer help.

Some Features

Following are some of the features which CocoFax furnishes its customers with.

PDF to Fax CocoFax Provides the Reliable Solution Online

Resending after failure

If due to some reason the fax has failed to send. The fax will automatically be sent when that reason is solved if the internet got unstable when you tried to send it, so it will be sent on its own when the connection is stable. Isn’t it interesting that you don’t have to check whether it is sent or not? Moreover, the sender will also receive an alert when the fax is received by the receiver.

Local or toll-free number

CocoFax gives complete liberty to its users to choose the fax number. So it depends upon the user whether he goes for a local or toll-free number. Other online faxing services might not be giving this opportunity to their users.

Fax Preview

CocoFax doesn’t make the users send away the fax on the spot. It is prepared. Eventually, it allows the users to preview the fax before sending it to eliminate any errors. In this way, the user can make sure that the fax is going to be transmitted error-free.

Lifetime Storage

CocoFax gives its users a lifetime and unlimited storage. The users can keep their faxes safe and secure with CocoFax until they want to. Moreover, CocoFax also allows you to search fax by a keyword. This often saves time for the user to find single fax among thousands of saved ones.

Addition of multiple team members

The user can add up members at any time he wants to. CocoFax will not charge for adding up multiple members. It means whenever you need to extend your workgroup, you can add up members to your account without any hassle.

Automated Archiving

CocoFax makes sure that no critical data of the users is misplaced, so it archives all the fax which are sent and received respectively. All the faxes are saved on google drive for the ease of the user.

100% Secure and reliable

When using CocoSign, one thing which needs to be forgotten is safety issues. As CocoFax is among the most reliable faxing services, you will ever come across. It is a two-factor encrypted service making sure to keep the data of its users secure.

No third party can get access to the users’ data as it is highly protected with next-gen technology tools and services. So, no need to be concerned about the security of your personal data.

Money-Back Guarantee

Suppose the user doesn’t feel like continuing with the services of CocoFax so he can withdraw from it and can avail his money back within the period of 30-days. As CocoSign offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. For more detailed information you can give a visit to its main page.

Customer Help

CocoSign has got the back of its clients from all sides. If at some point, the client comes across a query or any issue, he can contact the customer help. The help unit is available 24/7, 365. Also, the staff is highly cooperative and makes sure to satisfy the customer and sort out the problem.


We have discussed the significant aspects of CocoSign. And no one can deny the reliability of this fantastic service. So there is no point in burning your time looking around for some other service. Seize the opportunity you have in front of you as you will not find anything better than this. Get started today!


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