PayPal Launches Cryptocurrency Purchase and Sale in the UK

San Jose, CA: PayPal has announced that it will allow UK customers to buy, sell and hold Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Announcing the first international expansion of PayPal’s cryptocurrency services outside the United States could further facilitate mainstream adoption of new asset classes.

Paypal is one of the largest mainstream financial companies providing access to cryptocurrencies after launching a trading platform in the United States earlier this year with over 403 million active accounts worldwide.

Paypal hopes that the adoption of cryptocurrencies will facilitate the worldwide use of cryptocurrencies by allowing customers to use their digital coin holdings to shop on an extensive network. We are preparing a network for the new digital currencies adopted by central banks.

“We are working closely with regulators in the UK and around the world to provide support and help shape the role of digital currencies in the future of international finance and commerce,” PayPal said. Blockchain, cryptocurrency, digital currency.

PayPal’s UK-based cryptocurrency service is comparable to established competitors such as Coinbase and fintech startups such as Revolut.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash can be purchased by customers via the online PayPal wallet and mobile app.

As cryptocurrency prices are rising, more established financial companies are also providing access to digital assets for both consumers and institutions.

PayPal Launches Cryptocurrency Purchase and Sale in the UK

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