“Pass” with Ruth Negga, Andre Holland and Rebecca Hall-New York Candidates-Deadline

Rebecca Hall She said on Saturday that her mother told her hall director debut, PassingHall’s grandfather was a black man who decided to pass White in Detroit, so he released her family.

Halls and stars Ruth Negga When Andre holland Speaking during the panel Netflix Deadline’s Contenders Film: New York Awards Drama-Season Showcase.

“When she first saw it, she called me in tears, and she just said,’You have released us,'” Hall said. “I grew up observing my mother and thinking about the psychological consequences of growing up in an environment where you weren’t allowed to talk about anything. To me, she always looked like a black woman. I was telling her,’Tell me about this. What are we? Tell me the story. “She didn’t know. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t. She couldn’t. She respected her father’s wishes. “

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The negative plays Claire, a 1920s female who takes over the whites with her white husband (Alexander Skarsgård). Negatives said she and co-tar Tessa Thompson had a fierce debate before filming.

Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson’s “Pass”
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“In reality, many performances are only open for receiving and listening, and what’s happening in the space between them,” said the negative. “You can prepare everything you want, but when you enter a set or stage, that’s what happens on the fly. If you’re really enthusiastic about the story, you’re enthusiastic about the character. Then I think it will come. It’s like dancing. I always dance with Tessa. “

The Netherlands plays Brian, the husband of Irene (Thompson). He also said it was related to the theme of the movie.

“I really got the feeling that I did everything right in Brian’s life. Despite being a successful doctor, a good husband, and a good father, I still have this deep dissatisfaction with where he is in his life.” Holland said. “I feel it, I understand it, and so I really enjoyed leaning on that part of it.”

Nella Larsen’s 1929 novel, writer / director Hall Passing Explore the lives of two mixed-race childhood friends, Irene and Claire, who reunited as adults. They are involved in each other’s lives and explore how they diverged because Irene identified them as black while Claire “passed” as white. Bill Camp and Benga Akinagbe have also appeared in the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Netflix Get photo in February It’s currently streaming for about $ 15 million.

Sundance Review: Tessa Thompson & Ruth Negga at the “Pass” of Rebecca Hall

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Passing’Trailer: Tessa Thompson & Ruth Negga Star In Netflix Movie It Landed At Sundance

“Pass” with Ruth Negga, Andre Holland and Rebecca Hall-New York Candidates-Deadline

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