Parking Problems and Solutions

Parking is an important part of any transportation program. There are always parking problems associated with areas around educational institutions, entertainment areas, religious spaces, commercial venues, and areas where special events take place. To ensure that residents don’t face too many parking issues, there needs to be coordination between governmental agencies, businesses, institutions, and residents themselves so that parking needs and issues can be addressed collaboratively.

While the responsibility of a focused review of the parking management system falls on the shoulders of the government Department of Transportation, we have put together some ideas that may encourage dialogue on this topic.

While every area or neighbourhood is different, several parking issues remain constant and so their solutions are also the same. Lack of adequate and accessible parking hurts businesses and decreases the quality of life for residents. The challenge is to ensure that communities have appropriate parking, encourage people to use other modes of transport, and to minimize impact of parking solutions on the character of neighbourhoods.

Create a Park Once, Then Walk Environment

By creating centralized shared parking spaces will create a “park once, then walk” environment. These shared parking spaces will be useful for businesses located in central business regions, allowing multiple residents to access multiple destinations. Such spaces can also be shared amongst different businesses within an area to take advantage from separate peak periods. For instance, businesses with no night time hours can make their spaces available for businesses that have night hours. As long as the parking lots are well lit, they can be just as useful during the night as they are in the day. You can find parking lot lights at

Make sure Parking Lots Are not an Eye-Sore

There should be a balance between having enough parking, but making sure that it doesn’t look like a concrete wasteland. Consider minimizing the amount of land used for creating these parking lots and improve their appearance so they are not an eyesore. Speak to your local council and ask for more “green” parking lot designs. The green concept minimises the number of parking spaces to an optimal level, minimizing the parking lot dimensions.

They also create green spaces within the lots to improve the visual impact of the space. These lots should also be lit aesthetically during night hours. Look for lights that can be solar powered, or environmentally friendly LED lights at A larger number of small parking spaces are more attractive than one huge parking space. We could also beautify existing parking lots and enhance their potential. By making parking lots more welcoming, more people will be motivated not to park on the streets.

Parking can be a controversial and difficult issue to tackle, but with the application of concise and clear rules, relevant data collection and analysis, and the help of the community, it is not something that cannot be solved.

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