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Calgary – With 30 seconds remaining in the Lena Parade’s field goal and Ka’Deem Carey’s touchdown pair, the Calgary Stampeders defeated Montreal Alouette 30-27 and kicked off the CFL season on Thursday.

Malik Henry in Calgary had a touchdown catch. Paredes succeeded in all three field goal attempts in front of a crowd of 21,139 unveiled at McMahon Stadium.

Stampeders quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell has completed 21 of 34 pass attempts at 199 yards. A Calgary starter threw a touchdown pass and the pass was cut.

When Mitchell headed for the bystander in the fourth quarter, he stumbled slightly and backup Jake Maier drew for Calgary’s last two drives.

Meyer navigated the Stampeders to the field goal range and Paredes finished his work from a distance of 38 yards.

Montreal, who ran back to CFL’s top rusher William Stanback last season, was added to the field from the field in the second quarter after a touchdown catch in the first quarter.

Starting with quarterback Vernon Adams Jr., Alouette recorded a touchdown in the shortyard plunge, similar to third-string pivot Dominique Davis. David Court has added a pair of field goals.

Adams Jr. completed 18 out of 31 passes with 250 yards and one touchdown throw. He has been intercepted twice on his first start since October 11, 2021, when he suffered an end-season arm injury in a match against Ottawa.

The Stampeders (8-6-0) finished third in the West Division last season and lost to the Saskatchewan Rough Riders in overtime in the semi-finals.

Alouette (7-7) was also third in the eastern region and was sent to the semi-finals by Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Carrie ranked second in the league in 2021 in the rushyard after Stanback. A second touchdown with a five-yard carry and a conversion of Paredes to start the fourth quarter gave the host a three-point lead.

However, the court pulled Alouette away with a 23-yard field goal, leaving 4:09 in the game.

Paredes was good from 41 yards and 23 yards as Calgary caught up 24-20 for the fourth quarter. Calgary’s defensive lineman Mike Rose blocked the court’s field goal attempt at the last moment of the third.

Montreal scored 10 points in the last two minutes of the first half, leading 24-14.

Adarius Pickett chose Mitchell to give Ars the ball in the midfield after a 26-yard field goal on the court. Adams Jr. hit the ball from a distance of 7 yards and vaulted over Calgary’s defensive back Dion Telfin to reach the end zone.

Stanback suffered an obvious leg injury in the middle of the second quarter, bringing the ball to the one-yard line. Davis finished the drive after Stanback was kicked out of the field.

Named the league’s best player in 2021, the East Division made a total of 11 yards with three carries before leaving the game.

Carrie took 38 yards of Calgary’s 58-yard scoring drive in the second quarter, including a major 2-yard dash, leading 14-7 after Paredes’ conversion.

The team exchanged touchdowns converted in the opening quarter ending 7-7.

Stanback limited a 74-yard drive with an 8-yard touchdown catch. Calgary first scored before the game’s five-minute mark. Hen Rose chose the first throw of Adam Jr.’s game.

From the 49-yard line, Mitchell designed a 6-play drive that ended with Henry’s 10-yard touchdown catch. Henry jumped in and scored with the ball just above the goal line.

Alouette is in Toronto to confront Argonauts, and Stampeder travels to Hamilton to meet Tiger Cats in the second week.

Paredes defeats Calgary Stampeders 30-27 over Montreal Alouette | WGN Radio 720

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