Pandemics spur computer use growth among older people |

Before the pandemic, older people gradually became Internet users. During the long COVID blockade, the use of computer technology among older Americans is accelerating at a faster pace, says Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Mature American Citizens’ Association.

“This is good news given the fact that more seniors are now able to take advantage of the lack of benefits, such as online help sites and a range of consumer discounts,” she said.

Weber points it out www.amac.usThe association’s website is packed with information on the use of more than 50 members and offers a variety of discounted purchase opportunities, from medicines to travel and insurance services.

There are sites that offer social engagement for seniors, where you can chat with each other and participate in virtual forums on a variety of topics. For example, the Seniors Only Club gives you access to specialized forums on a variety of topics. Sign up is free.

On the other hand, even if you are not patient with visiting the Mayo Clinic website, you can “access the Mayo Clinic knowledge and experience.” Sudden senior sites provide health and wellness information as well as senior trivia and senior jokes pages for laughter.

On recipe websites such as the allrecipes site, you can find out how to freely create your own culinary masterpieces. Duolingo also offers free language learning sessions, claiming to “learn a new language in 5 minutes a day.”

In the era of self-isolation of the COVID pandemic, the world became a lonely place for many older people, and specialized websites like the Aging Institute provided a little relief.

And if you’re looking for activities that the elderly can enjoy, there’s the Vive Health site, which offers 110 activities for the elderly.

If you’re feeling a long or short road trip, a road tripper or

Here are some additional sites you might want to explore:

And of course, if you feel somehow lacking in computer skills,“Provides personal computer details using simplified terms, examples, photos, and videos that are actually written in plain English.” In other words, you don’t have to deal with “nerds speak”.

The 2.3 Million Membership Association of Mature American Citizens ( is a vibrant, vibrant senior advocacy group that receives march orders from its members. AMAC Action is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that represents members of our national capital and local council districts across the country.

Pandemics spur computer use growth among older people |

Source link Pandemics spur computer use growth among older people |

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